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Nursing Informatics

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According to Cleveland Clinic The ANA says “Nursing Informatics is a specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information, and knowledge in nursing practice” (Cleveland Clinic, 2010, Para 26). The hospital that I work for employs more than one Nursing Informatics Specialist. I have been closely acquainted with one in particular her name is Michelle. She has played a pivotal role in launching our entire electronic medical records system. She visits frequently with the staff nurses to get our opinions on ways to improve the system and also our complaints about the system. My hospital has incorporated technology within all disciplines of service in attempts to put the patient first. We also have EMARs which has evidenced an 80% decrease in the incidence of medication administration errors.

Through technology and research we have identified that our post CABG patients have a high potential to develop SIRS from the bypass machine so we incorporated a hospital protocol that automatically places them on CRRT to prevent this from happening. Our hospital’s ICU intensivist along with Michelle has created blood glucose and insulin administration software that they have cleverly named “The Sugar Machine”. The way it works is when you have a patient that is on D5 and an insulin drip, the software allows you to plug in the FSBS and in titrates the insulin rate for you and also sets the FSBS schedule.

We love it. Although it may be costly to incorporate virtual RFID bracelets, acuity adaptable rooms, and robotic surgery equipment like Cisco Palomar West Medical Center, I feel it would be a great change. This will almost eliminate errors, increase the rapidity of response and lessen never events, such as falls. Some fear that one day human beings will no longer be needed in healthcare. I believe while technology advances are great and no doubt saves lives, it is still important to provide compassion and that personable “touch” that our patients need and that we can only provide.

Cleveland Clinic. (2010). Nursing informatics. Retrieved from http://my.clevelandclinic.org/nursing/informatics.aspx

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