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Network System Proposal

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Through much research and thought we have put together a networking system that we felt will fulfill all of your networking needs, now and for the future. We have prepared this proposal with the ideology of: “Look at what your needs are now but Design and Plan for the Future.” With that in mind we have come up with a system that should far exceed your expectations with cost still in mind. Initially you asked for us to allow for a 10% expansion over the next year that was a goal that was easily achieved. In fact with the equipment that we chose we were actually able to increase that number to almost 80%. We feel that after looking over your business plans that this is an achievable goal on your part, therefore we designed the system to allow for such scalability.

When it comes to the topology of a network system there are several different types to choose from, first you have the most basic which is the bus line system, then there is the star topology, the token ring (originally designed by and for IBM systems), and finally there is the mesh topology. There are also several different hybrid systems which incorporate one or more of the systems mentioned above. For you though we decided to stick with a star topology which allows for high security, minimal if any system down time and, complete expandability. With this particular design we have allowed you and your systems administrators to enjoy an easily managed, high speed network. The star topology that we have designed uses several multi-layer switches that work on levels 1, 2, and 3 of the OSI model. All linked together creating aggregated links so that if one were to fail the others still allow for communication through out the entire system, with little or no effect on network speed. This topology will also allow your systems administrators to be able to efficiently locate the problem area by easily tracing network traffic too and from the switch(s).

Next are the servers that will store and effectively manage your entire system. We chose the Dell Power Edge Blade server, which allows for high powered computing while taking up minimal space. These particular servers are easily installed and just as simply added to once the system is up and running. We have started you off with 2 blade servers that will be placed in a chassis that can hold up to 10. Each of the servers will come with a factory installed O/S of Microsoft Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, each with 25 CAL’s (client access licenses) for a total of 50 between the two. The reason we chose this particular O/S is because of it’s flexibility as well as its ease of use.

Not only will this O/S be able to take care of any and all of your business needs, it also allows for your systems administrators to work on the system, add or remove applications without ever bringing the system off line. In addition to the O/S we have also designed each server to have two 146 gigabyte hard drives that can be set up in a RAID 1, 2, or 5 formats so as to allow for data mirroring as well as parity. This feature will allow you to better protect your data as well as increase the speed at which it may be accessed. Your servers also come equipped with remote management capabilities so your administrators will be able to work from anywhere. One of the servers will act as your domain controller while the other acts as an application server (pushing windows updates, antivirus updates etc) as well as running DNS functions.

For communication from the servers to your network we have chosen the Dell Power Edge Multi-Layer switch. Each of these is a managed fully duplexed switch that allows for both MAC address recognition as well as IP multicasting. This way you will be able to send information both securely to certain work stations as well as broadcasting to every single terminal on the entire network. Each switch comes with both fast Ethernet ports as well as fiber optic SPF ports that allow for 10/100/1000 base T networking. The Power Edge managed switch is also a smart switch so you will never have to worry about whether you are using a straight or cross over cable. The switch itself will automatically distinguish between the two and act accordingly.

Next you also asked for a WAP (wireless access point) so that the management team will be able to utilize laptops through out the building. We looked into several different devises for this and came up with one that we feel will best serve all your needs. We have chosen the Linksys wireless 802.11n draft router for this. With the 802.11n draft technology you will be able to work on the B and G range as well as the A. In other words the router works on the 2.4GHz range all the way through the 5GHz range. This will give you not only a wider range to work with, but also greater coverage and much less interference with devices that may also work on the 2.4GHz bandwidth. Since this is also a router it will address the DCHP issue of your network as well. This router also comes equipped with QoS as well as Firewall technology for added security for your T1 line internet connection.

All of these devices will be linked together using CAT6 plenum cabling with the exception of the link between the warehouse and the main building. This connection will be done via fiber optic single node wiring. This was done for various reasons, first to prevent hackers from physically tapping into your network from the CAT6 cable, and second to protect your hardware from the chance of a power surge due to a lighting strike from the outside line. All of this together makes up the core of your network system, while there are many other components these are the main points. The other parts of your system include network printers, for which we chose the Dell 3115cn all in one multifunction printer, scanner, and fax. Next, the numerous workstations, also from Dell, will all be equipped with Microsoft XP Pro.

A backup storage unit for all your data, this is for the “just in case” scenario. A backup power supply or UPS also by Dell and finally the laptops for your management team, these will also be coming from Dell. All of the hardware as well as the software will be installed and maintained through Dell support for a minimum of 3 years. We have also included certification training where needed as well as 24/7 phone and on line support from Dell as well as Microsoft. Thank you for your time and we hope that this will answer any and all of your networking needs.

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