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Earls Kitchen & Bar
Established in 1982, Earls was founded by Leroy Earl Fuller and son Stanley Earl Fuller (Earls, 2012). Leroy set out to create a warm and welcoming place that embraced West Coast Casual and offered delicious food and a unique dining experience. Today there are over fifty locations across Canada and the US. Current Position

Current Segmentation & Target Market
Gabri’s Lounge & Restaurant will focus on attracting a wide and diverse clientele ages 25-60 with an annual income of at least $30,000. Currently Earls is positioned as an upscale-casual dining restaurant for locals and tourists. It offers an exciting fun atmosphere which is complimented by lively bar action and good looking waitresses. They currently compete against Cactus Club and Joey’s. Earls is Kitchen & Bar caters to wide variety of people, however have defined groups as targeted segments. The Business Man: They work hard all day and often stay overnight in a strange city. He needs a competent establishment that helps impress his clients and prospects. Afterward, they want to relax and use the money they are making. They are the people that spend the most on drinks, food and tips. High-end Singles: We will attract them with our decor and layout. Our international menu, striking artwork, wine tasting evenings and events, excellent service and engaging clientele will confirm the feeling of being in “the coolest place” in Monmouth County. Positioning Statement

Perceptual Map

New Segmentation & Target Market
Gabri’s Lounge & Restaurant will focus on attracting a wide and diverse clientele ages 25-60 with an annual income of at least $30,000. Happy Couples: The restaurant will have an intimate, romantic, sophisticated atmosphere that encourages people to bring dates and to have couples arrive. Gabri’s wants to be a search place where people meet each other and develop a network. These young couples are generally very successful but balanced and won’t be spending as much on drinks. The Family: The perfect place for a family dinner. Families will come for the accommodative menu and friendly service. The excellent value in their meals will keep Gabri’s in favor with the parents. Tourists: Long Branch is a city that attracts many vacationers during the summer months of May through September. Gabri’s will be a destination with its attractive atmosphere, international menu, and outdoor patio.

Families and children
Families love to eat out, and they typically account for about 56% of food service sales.1 Getting families to eat at your restaurant involves a tricky balance between providing children with what they want and making their parents happy at the same time. While at first pleasing the parents may seem more important, in fact kids’ opinions have a strong influence on their parents’ decision-making. According to a recent study, more than 75% of parents consider their children’s preference as an important factor when selecting a restaurant.2 That puts a lot of market influence in the hands of children, who helped decide how to spend more than $110 billion of their parents’ money at restaurants in 2001.3 * Train servers to be polite and patient with children.

* Make sure changing stations, high chairs, sippy cups and bibs are readily available. * Provide children with toys, crayons and paper at the table, but only after asking permission from the parents. * Give families an oversized table to allow them enough room to spread out. For example, if a family of four comes in, seat them at the table for six. Creating a kid-friendly environment involves making both the kids and the parents happy. Servers and hosts should do everything in their power to help keep children entertained and ease some of the stress factors for the parents. If you want to run a family-oriented restaurant, hire servers who can demonstrate patience and friendliness with patrons of all ages. Many kids like to have their own menu and order food on their own. Almost 90% of full service restaurants and 75% of limited-service restaurants choose to develop a separate menu for young children.5 Any restaurant that hopes to attract families should create a kids’ menu. For younger children, you should offer typical “kids’ cuisine,” which includes simple comfort foods like macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, pizza and chicken strips. You should also consider offering several healthy options for families who are health-aware and concerned about nutrition.

Positioning Statement
The Kitchen is Soul The kitchen is the soul of every happy house, and the Earls house is no exception. From our President to our Front of House partners, every person on the team is seriously into great food. Fresh and From Scratch Our menu inspiration starts in the pantry, with top quality ingredients at the peak of their freshness. We make all our breads and buns from scratch, in house, every morning. Our soups, sauces, and salad dressings are also made in our kitchens, using our own perfected recipes. Sure, it takes extra time, but we think it’s worth it. Taste the Difference Why? We do it for our customers, because we know they can taste the difference. And we do it for ourselves, because quite frankly, there’s no greater thrill than watching our guests and listening to their contented sighs as they take that first unbelievably delicious bite.

Pure Pleasure As much as we love fantastic food, we also think that food is just the beginning. We love that flavour harmony that happens when you pair food with the right wine or beer. We love knowing that some cocktails are created for patios, and others simply taste cozy—liquid heaven with a group of friends and a plate of snackable appetizers. And we’re all about creating the perfect ambiance for you to relax and experience the pure pleasure of good food, good drink, good friends, and good times. Wine and cheese. Burgers and fries. Peanut butter and chocolate. All perfect pairs.

Earls’ Kitchen + Bar is another winning combination: fresh, house-made deliciousness on one side; inspired sips on the other. Both with evolving menus that adapt to the changing seasons, and deliver the best of what you’re craving—before you even know you’re craving it.

West Coast Casual Our culinary team travels the world to get the inside scoop on the best of the international food scene. Then they come home and go to crazy lengths to custom-create recipes and hand-craft dishes that will have you coming back for more. As in sharing plates that you might be reluctant to share. Comfort food with the flavour cranked to 11. Elegant meals without any fussy formality. And our casual West Coast vibe brings it all into sweet harmony.

Masterful Mixology If you’re looking for something (or someone) special, look no further than Earls’ bar. With regular drink specials, exotic cocktails, fine and fun wines, and our very own beers, it’s the perfect place to watch the game, discuss life’s big questions, or just hang with the gang. At Moxie’s Grill & Bar it is our primary goal to provide a positive experience for each one of our guests. From our freshly prepared food to our guest focused service we continually strive to maintain and improve our guests’ experiences. With this in mind, every aspect of our menu offering is carefully designed to offer meaningful choice. For [target segment], the [product/concept] is [most important claim] because [single most important support]. For [companies whose employees and partners need timely information], Microsoft.NET is a [new protocol and software system] that enables [unprecedented levels of software integration through XML Web services], because [unlike Java, .NET is infused into the Microsoft platform, providing the ability to quickly and reliably build, host, deploy, and utilize connected applications].

For [females 18-49 who possess dry damaged hair and believe they cannot achieve truly healthy/shiny hair] Pantene is a [hair care system (shampoo/conditioner/ styling aids)] that offers [“hair so healthy it shines”] because it [“penetrates from root to tip” through its patented Pro-Vitamin B5 formula]. The professional painter who purchases paint as the main product s/he uses to make a living cannot afford to have bubbling or fading paint after s/he completes his/her job . Cheerier Exterior Paint promises to help professional painters achieve the goal of providing a reliable, longer lasting product than other brands. It is able to achieve this because Cheerier Exterior Paint is specially formulated to withstand the harsh sunshine and heat of the Southwest and is backed by a 15 year warranty against bubbling and fading. Example 2 (Targets the Do-It-Yourselfer)

The Do-It-Yourself painter takes pride in his/her work, demanding the same results as any professional painter. Do-It-Yourselfers choose Cheerier Exterior Paint because it is the brand that is specially formulated for, and chosen by, professional painters who depend upon this product to make their living. That’s why Do-It-Yourselfers in the Southwest, who are looking to only do it themselves once in this decade, choose Cheerier Exterior Paint, backed by a 15 year warranty against bubbling and fading. Perceptual Map

Works Cited
Earls. (January, 2012). Our History and Leroy Earl Fuller. Earls Restaurants – Earls.ca. Earls.ca. Retrieved January 27, 2013, from http://www.earls.ca/about-us/our-history Pitts, G. (2009, November 10). Fuller family’s restaurants heading east – The Globe and Mail. Home – The Globe and Mail. Retrieved January 27, 2013, from http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/fuller-familys-restaurants-heading-east/article4297482/

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