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Money Can Buy Happiness

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Every person in every city, in every country has the same basic needs, food, shelter and security. Money can alleviate the worry and stress of hunger, cold and danger. It can provide you with the security of a home the ability to feed yourself and your family. After you can afford those basic needs, money makes it possible to live an even fuller life. That includes adventure, a family and charity. There are people who say that money cannot buy happiness because they believe that people who are materialistic view life differently, that they are less observant of the world around them. That money can bring trouble. In other words, it means that there are many different opinions but, money is a key; it can unlock many different possibilities for you.

Studies have shown that wealthier people are generally more relaxed than unprosperous or underprivileged citizens. If you have money, you do not have to be anxious about being able to pay rent. This reduces stress by a great amount because you do not have to worry about being homeless because of money problems. In addition you could also have the time and money to take a day off to do favorite leisure activities like going for a run or going to a spa. A day that you choose what to do can do wonders, you will return home relaxed and happy. Some days just do not go the way that you want them to. It can help if you can afford to take a lunch break and go to a restaurant with friends. Being relaxed can make you more tolerable; your friends will want to be around you much more when you are not always stressed out about money problems! It is proven that people are happier when they have personal relationships such as friends.

Money enables you to do activities with your friends. Once you get to a higher standard of living, you are able to experience life in an entirely different way. Travelling is one way that you could live your life to it’s full potential. Take going on a trip to Mexico with your family for example. The money lets you experience a different culture with your loved ones, which can make you very happy. When you have enough money to meet more than your basic needs, you can afford to eat more healthy foods. This healthier lifestyle is very beneficial to your body. When people have the time and resources to take care of their body it can lead to a more positive body image. Being healthy can increase your lifespan and protect your body from diseases such as cancer. Imagine living to see you grandkids or great-grandkids growing up. You could be a major influence in their lives!

Everyone at some point in his or her lives has dreamed about winning the lottery. It can change the life of someone who has worked for his or her entire life. They never caught a break; he or she would be absolutely ecstatic if they won any kind of money. They could start over, work less, and retire earlier. When people come into a large amount of money they often have funds left after paying off debts and buying essentials such as a house. The money lets the winner do whatever they want with it. They could change someone’s life by donating to a charity or to help fund a new wing in a hospital. That could make a difference in someone’s life and possibly even save a life. The winner would then feel unbelievably blissful and grateful they could help.

Money can buy your basic needs, but also allows you to enrich your life by participating in experiences with friends and family. Shared money also makes a difference in someone else’s life and can possibly save him or her. Wealth can help you become mentally and physically healthy. Being healthy can reduce your stress immensely and improve your body image. Stress is common but when you can deal with it, you become relaxed and people will love to be around you! Money can buy you the experiences, the adventures, and the relief that you can provide for yourself and your family. This directly leads to a longer, happier life.

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