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Module one Q’s

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1. Why are consequences an important part of positive parenting?
2. Why is it important that parents establish a positive relationship and positive communication with babies and young children?
3. Imagine that you are a parent and your toddler begins speaking in “baby talk” frequently. Using what you’ve learned in the module, what are some ways that you might approach this situation?
4. Imagine that you are a parent and your school-aged daughter was caught shoplifting a bracelet from a store. Using what you’ve learned in the module, what are some of the ways that you might approach this situation? Review Q’s:

1. Positive parenting is basically what one can simply call a supervision that keeps our kids on the right path, presented in a positive way that repels any temptation to be corrective.
2. Discipline is a way of showing the child on what he did wrong, and teaches a child how to act. Usually, discipline helps a child feel good about himself by allowing him to have the chance to correct his mistakes. Punishment on the other hand seems similar, but is very much different. Punishment tells the child what they did wrong and doesn’t allow them to fix it. Punishment is just a reason to get them in trouble.
3. Active listening is a communication technique used in analysis, training and conflict resolve, which requires the listener to feed back what they hear to the speaker. Parents use this because they want to know what the child feel s about the certain situation.
4. Guidance is advice or information meant by resolving a problem or difficulty someone is having. A good example for that is buying a book for their child who has an upcoming test on for it so they are able to study.
5. Families and parents can find support/resources by simply just asking each other, or support groups, TV shows, etc. Critical Thinking Q’s:

1. Consequences are an important part of positive parenting because without it, no child will know the difference from right and wrong.
2. Establishing a positive relationship and positive communication with the babies and young children is important so when the child starts growing up they will listen to the adult without a problem and learn how to be respectful.
3. If my toddler is beginning to speak in baby talk frequently, then there’s nothing I can do really than to ignore the situation as how they talk when they are toddlers.

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