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Microprocessor Analysis

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1. Draw the functional block diagram of SAP-I architecture and also discuss the main difference with SAP-II. 2. Write a program in SAP-1 using the mnemonics that will display the result of 4+5-2. Use addresses AH, BH and FH for data. 3. Briefly describe instruction set. Also discuss the use of bi-directional registers 4. Briefly describe the functions of various registers in SAP-1 architecture 5. Suppose we want to transfer the data from memory to B register. We need a new instruction, say OMB (Out Memory data to B register). What are the complete SAP-1 microinstructions for this? Express your answer in hexadecimal and binary form.

6. In SAP-II, all the register output to the W-bus are three states, but those not connected to the bus are two states, why? 7. What are the SAP-1 microinstructions for the LDA routine and for the SUB routine? Express the answers in binary and hexadecimal form. 8. Suppose the clock frequency of computer is 2 MHz and states for the instructions MVI, DCR, JNZ are 7, 4, 10/7 respectively.


i. How many times are the instruction DCRC and DCRB executed? ii. How many times does the program jump to LOOP2 and LOOP1? iii. How much does the program take to execute?

9. What is microprocessor? Write its application. Write the advantage of SAP-I computer. 10. Describe the architectural different between SAP-I and SAP-II computer. 11. Explain and draw the fetch and execute cycles for LDA instruction of SAP-1 Computer.Write about the instruction set used in SAP-II computer. 12. How do you differentiate microprogrammed control unit and the hardwired control unit. Explain their uses, merits and demerits. 13. Write a program in SAP-2 to add ten even numbers starting from 2. 14. What is microprogramming? Explain fetch and execute cycle in SAP-1 architecture 15.

Explain different instructions of SAP –I computer.

16. Explain the function of MAR, MDR and PC in SAP-II architecture 17. What is microprocessor? Explain the different component of a microprocessor 18. What is bus? Explain the bus organization in the microprocessor based computer. 19. What are instruction register and memory address register? Explain their use with reference to SAP-1 computer. 20. Write an assembly program with comments for the following arithmetic operation: (0AH + 0BH – 04H)

Store the result at memory location A000H

21. What is microinstruction? 22. What are the types of addressing modes used in SAP2. Explain each of them. 23. Write a program for a SAP–2 computer to input a byte from port 1. If the data byte is greater than OOH display FFH at port 3 else display OOH at port 4 (Port 4 is a serial port) 24. What are the differences between hardwired versus microprogrammed control. Explain the micro programming control logic and its implementation mechanism. 25. Write a program for SAP-2 computer to divide 40H by 10H

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