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Methodology (Potato as a Battery)

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* Pennies
* 2 large galvanized nails
* 6 long wire ( 3 pieces)
* small digital clock
* multi meter


1. Cut the potato in half and place them next to each other, flat face down on a plate 2. Connect one end of the white wire to one of the nails and then place the nail into one half of the potato. 3. Connect the other end of the white wire to the battery holder inside the digital clock. 4. Connect one of the pennies to one end of the black wire then put the penny into the same half of the potato as the nail with the connected to it. 5. Connect the other end of the black wire to the other penny and place the penny in the other half of the potato. 6. Connect the other penny to the red wire and then place the penny into the half of the potato with the nail with the black wire connected to it.

7. Connect the other end of the red wire to the battery holder into the digital clock. 8. Put the red meter wire into the 15V hole in the multi meter and the black meter wire into the DC hole in the multi meter 9. Then put the other end of the black meter wire on the nail with the white wire attached to it and the red meter wire on the penny on the other half of the potato to the nail with the white wire attached. 10. Then measured how much electricity the potato battery produces.

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