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Martin Luther 

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Martin Luther, was conceived November tenth in year 1483 in the city Eisleben (Germany), where he grew up too. He passed away on February eighteenth, 1546 in the place where he grew up. At age 5, Luther joined a typical school where he adapted every one of the nuts and bolts things he required all his life long. At the point when Luther was 13, he begun to go to a school continued running by the Brethren of the Common Life in Magdeburg. The Brethren’s exercises revolved around up close and personal commitment, and there Luther built up an enthusiasm for the cloister. His dad constantly needed him to get a legal counselor and didn’t generally understood the interests of his child and constrained him to change school to make tracks in an opposite direction from his interests in the religious life. After this his father send him to college where he contemplated an ordinary subject what was extremely run of the mill for this time. In July of the year 1505, Luther got caught in a rough tempest, in which an electrical release nearly struck him down. He considered the scene a sign from God and vowed to wrap up a priest in case he perseveres through the tempest. The tempest faded away, Luther endure and, steady with his certification, Luther didn’t go to his investigation of law any longer. Or maybe, he entered an Augustinian cloister. Subsequent to entering the cloister, he turned into a German researcher and religious reformer who was the catalyst of the sixteenth century Protestant Reformation. Through his words and exercises, Luther started an advancement that reformulated certain basic statutes of Christian conviction and realized the division of Western Christendom between Roman Catholicism and the new Protestant traditions, generally Lutheranism, Calvinism, the Anglican Communion, the Anabaptists, and the Antitrinitarians. He is a champion among the most enticing figures ever of (Editors, 2009). In my following content I need to reveal to you increasingly about this vital pioneer ever.

Luther was a very important leader, especially for the Christianity religious. Before Luther became a priest, he lived through hard times in his life. During his experience with a horrible thunderstorm, the author states, that Luther promised and prayed to St. Anne, the patron saint of miners “Save me, St. Anne, and I’ll become a monk!” (“Martin Luther”, 2019). However, the most historians trust this was not an unconstrained demonstration, they think a thought effectively defined in Luther’s brain. The choice to end up as a priest was troublesome and it incredibly frustrated his dad, however he believed he should keep a guarantee. Additionally, the reason why Luther decided to join a monastery was that he was determined by fears of hellfire and God’s fierceness, and felt that life in a cloister would enable him to discover salvation (“Martin Luther”, 2019).

I think barely any men have changed the course of history like Martin Luther. In under ten years, this fevered German priest dove a blade into the core of a realm that had ruled for a thousand years, and get under way a train of transformation, war and struggle that would reshape Western human advancement, and lift it out of the Dark Ages (“About Martin Luther”, n.d.). Luther biggest trait was that he always tried to help people. One author state, “Martin Luther stands as a hero, the man who built the bridge between the two halves of the last millennium, the Medieval and the Modern. His tragedy was that he would never find the courage to cross it himself“ (“About Martin Luther”, n.d.). For a lot of people, Martin Luther is a real hero and a leader who nobody is going to forget. This is, because he translated the Bible, which were written in the language Latin, into the German language. In those old days, nobody could understand, read or write in Latin. The only group of people who could, were the monks, as the servants of the church. Yet, in the wake of entering the religious community, Luther turns out to be progressively suspicious that the Church can really offer him salvation by any stretch of the imagination. His perspectives solidify much further with a trek to Rome, where he found that the capital of Catholicism is overwhelmed in defilement. Destroyed by gloom, Luther at last discovers discharge in the Bible, when he found that it isn’t the Church, yet his own individual confidence that will ensure his salvation. With this disclosure, he wanted to do something against the Church, assaulting its routine with regards to moving indulgences in the well-known 95 Theses.

The second question asks, if the leader focus more on task performance or on group maintains. To answer this question, it is very important to mention, that Luther was not a leader in the typical way. He wasn’t a business or a sports manager. Furthermore, he lived not in this modern age, he lived hundreds of years ago. That means, that the modern systems of business and leadership didn’t exist. However, out of the perspective of today we can reconstruct his traits and use the modern methods to classify, what a leader he was.

As a very religious man he started with his visions alone. He stood up against the old catholic church and believed, that not everything they preached were correct. Especially, he didn’t share the opinion, that it was possible to buy oneself free from transgressions.

His goal was to let the church know, that he thought that selling people letters so that they could buy them free from their transgressions was wrong. Moreover, he was sure that what the church did were against the will of god. By trying to obtain his goal he made use of the task performance. He focused on the goal to make something that was in his opinion wrong, right. By doing this he focused just on the goal. He didn’t think about the consequences for himself. In his lifetime this was dangerous. His actions were against the church who were very powerful and had the control over the country.

To find support from the people, he wrote the 95 theses. Because of the new letterpresses, they spread over the hole country. He was suddenly in the middle of the attention of the people. It is possible to equate this attention with the group performance. He let people know, what his plans were. Even though this attention is not the same as being in charge of employees, he inspired the people. Luther was the first, who ever questioned the church. That made him enemies as well as friends. His supporters saved Luther’s live and ensured, that he could fulfill his goal in safety.

All in all, Luther concentrated more on the task performance. He translated the bible. With this, he made it possible for everyone to read and understand the bible. Because of him, everyone is able to find one’s own truth. Because he was so focused on his task, people around the world are members of different Christian churches and not just catholic.

The path-goal theory is a combination of three factors which work together. The first factor are the considerations, which are subdivided in employee characteristics, and the task and environmental characteristics. The second factor is the style of the Leadership. There are four different styles. A leader can be directive, supportive, participative, and achievement-orientated. The third factor is defined by the focus on the motivation. This has four steps. First of all it is important to define the goals, than to clarifying the path, afterwards to removing obstacles, and the last step is to proving support.

It is important to know, that leaders serve the people. The best way they can do this is by inspiring the people to develop their own initiative and good judgement, enabling them to grow, and helping them to become better. And that is, what Luther did. Luther served the people by translating the bible. He made it possible for everyone to deciding for them self what to believe. He was the reason why people became able to judge about what they read in the bible. They were finally able, to understand the word of god on their own.

Luther organized his goal by finding out what he believed for himself. To challenge the process, he wrote his thoughts down, which became known as the 95 theses. With the publishing of the theses he shared his vision to the people. He let them know what he thought. In addition, he challenged the church. Suddenly the church had to give a statement about their actions for the first time. That is why Luther enable others to act. But not just the church had to act, a lot of people started to think about Luther’s visions and thoughts. Some of them started to support him. With the translation of the bible he modeled the way for other to act. Especially after he managed to translate the bible, he became a hero for many people. He encouraged the heart of them to follow their own instinct and their own believe.

It is not that easy to define his style of leadership. Because of his task performance-orientation, it is possible to classify him as a directive leader. Luther was always concentrated to achieve his goal. For him it was important, that the people got the chance to be able to decide about their own believe for themselves. Even when he became an outlaw, his only wish was to archive his goals.

He also is an achievement-oriented leader. The reason for this is, because he motivated people to support him and his visions. By helping him, his supporter made it possible that Luther was able to translate the bible. This translation could be seen as a reward.

Luther was an effective leader. He managed to find supporter. Those had to stand with him against the power of the catholic church. His self-confidence made it possible, that he never doubted his goals. With his strong believe in doing the right thing for the people, he was able to focus on his goal and to follow his vision. That vision was a noble one, because he created it for the folk. He believed in the ideal, that everyone was able to making their own choices and decisions. In addition, he was the first one who ever questioned the church and that makes his vision unique. With the way he published his thought, alias his 95 theses, he showed, that he was able to communicate what he wanted. Today we all know, that his vision is not a vision anymore. Because of his doubt in the methods of the catholic church, other people started to question the methods, too. They developed a new view on Christianity. That is why Luther is today known as the father of the protestant church.

It is not possible that Luther’s leadership could have been improved. He lived in another century and did everything in his power to archive his goals. This meant for him to give up his former live as a monk. Furthermore, he was forced to hide until the end of his life, because he was declared outlawed. And despite all these facts, he managed to find support and to change the powerful structure of the church. With his actions he helped the people. He founded a new church. He as a single human accomplished something very great. And think about it, without him we wouldn’t be able to read the bible in our own language. It is amazing, that one single human is the reason why our world is, how it is.

And if he hadn’t been a great leader, we wouldn’t know him today.  

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