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Managing health and social care

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In case of Health and social care services, quality is very important. A social care organization has to follow legal regulations and standards to provide quality service to the society. But there are some barriers to these quality services. A social and health care organization has to overcome these barriers as much as possible and at the same time it needs to adjust and manage stakeholder’s perspective, external agency’s impact to provide quality care service. Task 01

A. The quality of the service from the point of view of three stakeholders -Patients seek for professionalism from the providers and better quality. They expect intensive care during consultation and adequate time for consultation. They are also concerned about maintenance of timeliness. Besides these they also emphasize on quality assurance and quality control. Service providers want their clients to trust them. They expect that patients understands their approach. They required proper information from patients to make right decision and treatment. They need their patients to listen to their advice to ensure proper treatment as well as quality. Society is concerned about the safety measures taken by the health and social care.

Society mainly upholds the aggregate perceptions and expectations of service users. There are many external forces related with the society. So, aggregation of the expectations of personal perception can be said as the perception of society regarding quality (Gosling and Martin, 2012). Patients are the main stakeholders in health and social care. They mainly expect proper treatment and timely consultation, effective and patient centered approach. Society expects the fulfillment of safety measures of the society. Administrator tries to fulfill the expected quality of the clients and follow the regulation set by health department.

B. Model of quality; outline key result areas- The patients should be consulted within 15 minutes their scheduled time if they arrive on time. The result of previous investigation should be made available at the time of consultation. For this reason valuable time of patients is wasted to find out the result of previous investigation. Existing standards set by Care Quality Commission, The NIHCE, and Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) should be maintained strictly. If these standards are maintained strictly then the quality will automatically be improved. On some occasions the full records of patients have not been available to the Clinic causing delays to the consultation and this problem should be solved as soon as possible. These areas can make crucial differences in determining results.

C. The relationship between the quality of the clinic and the principles of care for your client group – The impact of poor services has to face stakeholders like clients, administrator, society, health worker, social worker and health care supervisor etc.

If clients are provided with poor service than his personal needs won’t be met. He will have low self esteem. There is a great chance of injury and fatality. If any individual in poorly managed in health and social care then it will have a catastrophic impact on the person because health care in a very sensitive issue.

Health professionals also have to bear the impact of poor quality. Disciplinary actions are taken against the professionals of health and social care for providing poor quality and services. They also have to face closure of the setting of their profession. For worst situation, legal proceedings are taken under criminal charge (Kemp, Marshall and Cutchin, 2013).

Principles of my client group are to provide consultation with in 15 minutes of schedules time. Previous investigation needs to be available during consultation to avoid wastage of time. My clinic always tries to fulfill the above requirements of my client group and that’s why clients of my clinic are increasing day by day.

D. The role of the hospital and the department of health in setting of clinic waiting time standards- In setting standards in health and social care external agencies like government bodies, health commissioners play a crucial role. Hospitals and clinics try to achieve the standards set by these agencies.

Besides setting standards of health and social care, these agencies influence the professionals such as doctor, radiologists, scientists and nurses by providing adequate training. They also try to keep these professionals up to date with modern technology in health and social care. These external agencies frequently take integrated approach to make sure the standard. They conduct program to protect public health.

Care Quality Commission, it is the independent organization to protect the interest of people under Mental Health Act in England. They control services provided by National Health Care, private companies and voluntary organization.

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), it finds out the case study of good health and social care practices and support to provide standard quality.

The NIHCE, it provides proper guideline; rules, regulation and statistics of previous services to set standards and improve services (Jackson, 2002).

Department of health and hospital set clinic waiting time standards. These two authorities are mainly concerned for issuing and implementing waiting time standards of clinic. Department of health sets rules and regulations for waiting time standards in clinic and hospital plays a crucial role to implement the waiting time standards set by department of health. Task 02

A. Range of standards – For the measurement of quality of health and social care, there are lots of standards. These standards ensure the quality and efficient service to the society. Some of the standards are described below: ISO standards ensure the services to be efficient, safer, and cleaner so that the consumers can get quality of products with satisfaction. They provide authority with some bases for measuring or comparing qualities in health and social care. PS 9000 is an application of the standards for Pharmaceutical and Packaging Materials. It gives the surety of safety of pharmaceutical consumes by patients. Besides these, it also guarantees the drug to be genuine.

BS 5400 guarantees the safety of designed building for health and social care. It is concerned about the safety measures of the infrastructure used in providing services in health and social care. Here BS means British Standard for any infrastructure used in health and social care (Cotlear, 2006). Firstly, I try to grasp the perception of the patients to measure the performance of the quality of the clinic. Frequently, analyze the inspection report and the investigation of focus group. I mostly rely on the practitioner feedback and importantly direct feedback of the service users. B. Different approaches that may be used to implement a quality system for the clinic – To implement quality system, the owner or founder of the organization needs to carry out the crucial role.

He should recruit best suited employee in his organization so that they can provide their services according to the demand of the service user. Besides these, the staff, service provider must be understood the whole process critically by the employer. In case individuals are a part of the Staff, then individual needs to understand his role and responsibilities. You should have some certain know-how in dealing with different clients. If you are a health care provider, you need to follow the standard set by the authorities and the individual who is service provider should have the mentality to provide superior services. To implement and provide quality and carry out standards staff, employer, employee and other parties who are concerned in providing services need to follow the guidelines religiously to go a long way in successfully producing quality service.

Providing some training facilities and guidance could also influence the quality systems to be implemented (Mullins and Walker, 2013). To implement a quality system in clinic the employer and service provider has to play the most important role. The employer can supervise the whole process and find out the lacking and fault of the employee. To minimize fault and derive better quality service the employee may be trained efficiently. Suitable employee recruitment may be fruitful to implement a quality system for a clinic. C. Value of established quality systems which might help the clinic improve its quality rating – An established quality system might help the clinic to improve its quality ratings. If there are some established quality systems then the service provider and health and social care institutions will follow those quality systems try to achieve the standards.

Without any established quality system clinic or its service provider can’t deliver quality services. Established quality systems guide service provider to maintain standard by external agencies and it helps the clinic to set its destination and directs how to attain the milestone as well. Even a poor service provider clinic can improve its services by establishing quality systems. D. the impact of the quality of the clinic on patients, staff and other stakeholders – Quality of the clinic mainly affects the patients. If the quality is better enough then the patients will be satisfied and his problems might be solved. The employer, staff and service provider will get the profit of maintaining quality. Safety issue of the society is also automatically solved in this way. If quality of the services of the clinic isn’t maintained by services provider then it will have catastrophic impact on the safety issue of the society.

Due to poor service and quality safety measures of the society falls in danger and breaks down. Health and safety issues of society will be destroyed by poor service and quality. E. Potential barriers to delivery of quality in the clinic scenario – There’re some potential barriers in providing services in health and social care. Personal barrier is the principal barrier. Sometimes several initiatives are taken by the employer but the employee sometimes resists change. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to inaugurate new rules and regulation and new approach for the resistance of the employees. Staff motivation is another barrier in providing services because sometimes it seems very difficult manages those employees. Even they resist introducing patient’s friendly rules and regulation.

There are some social barriers also in health and social care. Interpersonal relationships between the service users and service providers create obstacles in delivering quality services and maintaining standards. Besides these, communication gap crate hurdles in health and social care Organizational resource limitations limit the roles of employee and for this reason they can’t deliver quality services and maintain standards. Even, organizational culture is also responsible for failure to provide standard service in health and social care. Some organization only seeks for profit but not concentrate on customer services provided by them (Bodie, Kane and Marcus, 2011). In the scenario, patients have to wait more than 25 minutes but standard time limit is 15 minutes within the scheduled time. The result of previous investigation isn’t available at the time of consultation. For this reason valuable time of patients is wasted to find out the result of previous investigation. Task 03

A. the effectiveness of systems, policies and procedures – The effectiveness of systems, rules and regulations and standard followed in social and health care homes in achieving quality in service offered is significant because by following these guidelines, we can make sure quality service. These rules, regulation and approaches are tested by experience quality nursing care services in every nursing home. Systems, procedures and policies used in health and social care are the major influences in achieving quality and standard service. It is very essential to set up policies and procedures and need to be implemented by employer, service provider and other concerned stakeholder and stuff so that they will know which things to practice.

Setting rules, regulation and policies aren’t all rather implementation is required so that the employer can get some ideas of how to provide good service to the patients. It is helpful to hear what stakeholders want especially in those areas which need development the most. Doing a survey on everybody in the nursing home can be helpful because if you listen to the people then you can find out the areas where improvement is possible and reforms are necessary. Besides these steps, the authority should concentrate on time management because patients are almost always in scarcity of time so, time wastage should be minimized. That’s why time management should be properly planned (Manning, 2008).

The clinic is allowing flexible time for consultation. It also has the arrangements of enough consulting space which are 3 rooms. There is a doctor and a nurse in each consulting room which is satisfactory. Waiting time is only 15 minutes within the scheduled time which is flexible for the patients. If they can utilize these facilities then they will be able to achieve the quality. B. The factors that influence the achievement of quality in the clinic – There are several factors that effects quality achievement in health and social care service. There is the willingness of all the management and stuff to provide better services. Practitioners are one of the major influencers because they are directly involved in providing services. They can easily perceive the needs and wants of the clients.

They are the ultimate service providers and they are responsible for achieving quality and standard by utilizing resources available to them and their relation with the service users. Expectations of service users influence the health and social care services to achieve its quality because without consumer satisfaction your services have little or no value. So, every organization tries to provide services according to the expectations of its service users. Resources are also important factors for achievement of quality and standard services. Without required resources no one can provide quality services. Even, without resources highly efficient service providers have little or no value. They also can’t utilize their efficiency if there is scarcity of resources (Stephanidis, 2013). Mainly, perceptions of service users are the tonic that influences the quality achievement in the clinic.

Practitioners also try their level best to provide their best services and utilize the resources available in the clinic. C. Recommendations for action to affect improvements in the quality of the clinic – My suggestion for health and social care service is to follow the right methodologies, and to always commit finding ways to improve so that you can achieve improvements in the quality of health and social care practice. Employers can conduct surveys and find out the place for improvements. By conducting surveys, perceptions of the service user can easily be derived. They should try to get some cost curtailment to get competitive advantages. The guidelines, policies and procedures need to be consistently followed as they are tested and experienced. Then there should be no way that you’re not going to get improvement in providing quality service.

For this reason, there should have the arrangement of proper training for the employees and service provider. Employer need to be sincere, passionate and committed to their responsibility. If you do your work sincerely with quality then you will be able to achieve good quality. By listening to the clients and asking them, you will know which areas you need focus on (Spielman, 2002). It seems that, time maintaining during the consultation and managing waiting time is the major concern for the clinic. They should put more effort in time management. Results of previous investigation should be available within reasonable time to avoid wastage of consultation time. Patient’s records need to be managed efficiently. Task 04

A. The alternative methods for evaluating service quality in relation to the internal and external stakeholder interests – Measurement against minimum standards previously set by department of health and concerned authority is the primary method for evaluating health and social care service quality. If the minimum standard is not maintained then the quality is presumed to be below average and not up to the mark.

Service user feedback is the most authentic and direct method for evaluating heath and social care services quality. It’s the accurate and flawless evaluation method derived from primary sources.

Practitioner feedback is also another affective method for evaluation. Practitioners are closely involved in the process of providing services. They can easily guess the quality provided by them.

Focus groups can facilitate the process of evaluation. Focus group carries out critical investigation for evaluating the whole process of providing service. Focus group constitutes of a numbers of members who are mainly specialized and concerned with specific sector.

Inspection reports are another formal and professional way of evaluation. In this case, the reports are prepared by covering pros and cons of the quality and services provided by particular health and social care organization (Beerman and Rappaport-Musson, 2002).

There are some alternative techniques to evaluate the service quality in relation to the internal and external stakeholder interests. Firstly, perception and feedback of external agency should be count. There’re some standards like ISO 9000/14000, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Federal standard 1037c etc. The company can measure its service quality by these standards. ISO measures make sure that the products or services are safe, clean etc. BS 5400 guarantees the safety of designed building for health and social care. PS 9000 is an application of the standards for Pharmaceutical and Packaging Materials. It gives the surety of safety of pharmaceutical consumes by patients. Besides these, it also guarantees the drug to be genuine.

B. The benefits of consulting service users in an attempt to deliver quality service – Service providers can provide service according to the assessment of the clients. Clients are the heart of the industry. So, their requirement is the major issue for the service provider. By involving the users of services client-centered approach can be implemented easily.

Empowerment of service users can be met by involving them in evaluation process. They will be able to exercise their power if they are involved in assessment process. They can give their feedback easily. They will be able to play crucial role if they’re empowered.

Cost minimization is possible when unnecessary cost curtailment is possible. In this case client’s suggestion can be highly effective. Service users can give the suggestion to eliminate unnecessary services which is not required by them.

If service users are involved in the evaluation process then they will be able to suggest their opinion easily. They can recommend changes and reform where necessary. By doing so, user responsive services can be assured (Strecker and Huber, 2004).

Consulting service user in an attempt to deliver quality service can provide some benefits. Firstly, the perception of service user toward services and be known. It will help the organization to deficit in service providing, lickings, consumer demand, their needs and wants. After finding out the details requirement of the service user and their perception an organization will be able to shape its services according to the requirements of the users. Besides these, if there in any flaw or problem in existing services then those problems can be avoided easily. After all a company can provide user oriented service and by avoiding unnecessary service the company can manage some cost curtailment as well. Conclusion

Lastly, maintaining quality in health and social care service is very crucial in the context of society. One needs to consider various issues like following proper policy, procedures, rules and regulations, going according to the standards for quality. At the same time it is equally important that the service provider has good intention, passion and commitment regarding the service. Working with heart and soul will surely bring good quality in providing service.

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