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Magsaysay Memorial College

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My name is JOHN NICOLLS MENOR FRAN. I was born in Iba Zambales Hospital last May 16, 1995. My mother is OLIVIA MENOR married to SATURNINO A. FRAN and I have elder brother JEFFERSON M. FRAN. My mother worked abroad being domestic helper in Hongkong and also my father worked also abroad that’s why we have fifteen(15) years gap with my brother. I believed that my family is the best of all the best, because instead of our struggling in our family we all happy and blessed, were not rich but were rich of love and courage in our family. My mother have three(3) sisters and two(2) brother. My brother is so kind , when he was a child he stayed in my lolo’s house , he live there because my mother worked abroad when he is three(3) years old that’s why my brother stayed in my lolo. He tried to lived in our house in the farm in my father house, my brother experience a lot he tried to sell anything like Guavas, Peanuts, etc, because he wants to help my parents in his mind, thus this he will help our parents. He studied his Elementary days in San Juan Candelaria Elementary School and transferred to Beddeng Mabangcal Elementary school because they build our house there, because my father and my mother wants to see their fruits of sacrifice abroad.

When my mother and my father decided to stay here in the Philippines they build our house in Barangay Beddeng, Sitio Capanniquian, San Narciso Zambales. They lived there with my brother and they are very happy living in our house, but there something happened a very sad incident. My brother is accidentally fired the fire crackers, and my brother become amputated in his right hand, but I’m very proud to my brother because even though that his right hand is amputated he tried to do anything he can derived a four wheel Car, Tricycle, he can wash our dishes and even making a cross-stitch he make it. Many people admire his ability to making their things. Although he has this indisposition he show to us that he can make it.

He finish his high school in Magsaysay Memorial College (MMC) and he take up commerce major in management in college and he finish his course for only three (3)years and one (1) semester. Architecture is his first choice but suddenly there is no architecture in Columban that’s why he decided to get commerce major in management. During his college days he meet his girlfriend and became his wife and she’s my “Ate Rica” she’s the one helping me in my projects and assignment in school during my Elementary, High school, and even now in my college’s day, she’s the one helping me. My brother and my sister in law have a two (2) children named Jeff Patrick(Jaypee), and Andrea Ysabelle(Bella). Jeff Patrick is eleven (11) years old and Andrea Ysabelle is four (4) years old, they have a successful marriage.

When my mother past away last June 15, 2007. Because of Brain Tumor. That’s the unforgettable experience I have. Hard to accept what happened to my mother but I want to fulfill my promises to my mom that even she’s gone, I can make it. From that after graduation I decided to stay in our Family house in San Juan, San Narciso Zambales because, I don’t want to stay in our house it reminds me a lot of my mother. I’m just visiting my father every weekends.

My friends in elementary still my friends in high school. I remember when I was in elementary I think I was in grade one(1) that time. My mother told me that I need to move to the other room, I need to be alone the other room, because my mother told me that I was a big boy already, that’s why I need to move to the other room. That room was for my brother, but since he got married they build their own house that why the room is vacant, that’s why my mom decided that the room is for me. Year 2001 when my brother nephew came out that is JP. Called me “Tito Nikke” jp was the first angel came to our family, I still remember that I take good care of my nephew even in a small thing because I’m just a kid that time, when his mom washing their clothes or cooking I’m the one taking good care of the baby. That time I am in grade 1. My mother always dropping me by in the school just to make sure that I m safe, and after school she always picking up, I feel that my mother loves me a lot. Because she supported all my needs. She supports all my activities in school. I joined the drum and lyre group in our school. Even when there is competition in other school she always go with me.

The graduation month in my whole Elementary are memorable, because we all exited and with emotional feelings because we are already in high school stage. We miss all of them and the memorable we experience since our elementary life. Before the graduation we practice our farewell song. Before that our teacher ask for us to search about the farewell song we need to present in graduation day. Then I question my ate to help me to search different farewell songs. She search in the internet and she got the lyrics.

The day of submission of the assignment, there are many different farewell songs. But my teacher pick only two or three songs. Then we practice that songs, but I’m can’t know already the songs. Then we have two weeks practices before the graduation. While practicing our farewell songs we plan a summer jam or picnic after our graduation. My classmate contributed her elf for our transportation. I contribute one dish, then I suggest to my classmates to contribute some dish and etc. Then already done our planning we plan the destination.

This is the big day we celebrate in Elementary, this is the happy moment. In the morning we go to the church to have our baccalaureate mass in San Sebastian Catholic Church town of San Narciso Zambales. We thanks to God to his good spirit, we thanks our experience in Elementary and guide us in the High School stage. Then in the afternoon this is the time we farewell march in the school. The graduation night we celebrate the graduation in our barangay auditorium, in the reason of our school is evaluating the rooms and the stage. This is the happy moment of an student and the parent. But, since my mother pass away my father and my auntie is my parent in that night. But I’m happy that night because all of my family are in there.

I’m already a high school student. Since I’m deciding where school I’m enroll. My brother said in the mmc(Magsaysay Memorial College) then I request to my ate to come with me to inquire in that school. In a few days I’m request to enroll in Magsaysay Memorial College. My first choice is in the Zambales Academy, because my mother graduated at Zambales Academy. But I choice Magsaysay Memorial College because of the tuition its chafer price even the Zambales Academy. My friend tell me that Magsaysay Memorial College has many opportunities and have a advance lesson.

We are all happy when my auntie’s from Hong kong are having their vacation here in the Philippines because we’re all staying in our family house in it always having a get together in our house, were going to the beach were spending our time very memorable to each in everyone. Every time they’re going home were always have our “PASALUBONG” every member of the family have their “PASALUBONG”. Were always going to Manila to dropped them in Ninoy Aquino International AirPort. My mom always preparing the things they want to pack home she cooks “TUYO” for them. She’s the one all the staff of her sister’s.

When I was in first year I came from the section of first year St. Augustine. Our adviser is Ma’am Gesila Merino. She is the first time to teach high school students. This time I joined to the Knights Of The Altar, or KOTA. Since I joined in this organization many friends were meet.

Since my high school I meet different types of friends. There are a good friends name them Melvin P. Quiba, Mark Jayson Cayetano, Earl Gene Sebastian, Jayson Fababier, Paul Febre, Lawrence Dumlao, Lorenz Acosta, Alben Cababaro, etc. This good friends are always from me.. They always opened for us.

In our third year this group are happy. Because this is the time we earn our friendship to each other. Since we are in fourth year we think about our friendship and we think the “BIKERS” this name is our code name!..This is the time we finish the high school. Before the graduation we plan a picnic before we separate to each other. Many unforgettable moment I experience since I’m in high school.

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