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Luck is a Matter of Preparation Meeting Opportunity

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I agree with the speaker. I consider luck to be the result of my own decisions and actions. The only forces at work are the decisions and actions taken by me or others around me. A lot of people make important decisions or attend important events according to lucky stars or lucky hour. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they have lucky shoes, lucky charms, lucky suits and even lucky hair styles. So, apparently these things have brought positive results to be considered as lucky. But how does a lucky suit magically please your prospective job interviewer? Here is a possibility. A good fitting suit that makes you feel good about yourself boosts your confidence level. Which in turn helps you answer the interview questions confidently. That is one of the qualities most recruitment officers look for in an interviewee. A neat hairstyle again boosts your confidence and makes you look presentable and professional, which increases your chances at a positive interview result.

People tend to use the objects around them to share in on the successes in their lives, instead of giving themselves credit. So what really is at work here? Does the mind play tricks on us? Does it hide few pieces of the puzzle so we ultimately chose something else to take blame? My mom is very superstitious about almost everything. Most of all, she believes in good and bad luck. But here is the thing, she seems to have good luck or bad luck only when events occur and she is convinced there are forces beyond reach that are at work. Like the time, she found her long lost scarf in the car. She was convinced my husband’s car was her good luck charm. The same day, she hit her toe on the side walk and apparently the scarf had unleashed the “bad” forces at work and now the scarf was her bad luck charm.

What she failed to realize was that we had just cleaned the car and my husband put her scarf in the back seat. She saw it before we could give it to her. As for the bad luck, she forgot to wear her prescription glasses, which is why she could not comprehend the distance from the car to the side walk. It was inevitably the actions of her and others around her that led to both events. An apple does not far too far from its tree. That’s true in my case as well. Not too long ago, I too believed in luck. When I got away with not doing homework at school, I thought it was lucky. When I got away with not being chosen for chores, I thought I was lucky. And the one I remember very well is when I almost fell off a hill while riding a bicycle, but was saved by a rock blocking my tumble down. I thought I was the luckiest girl alive. I started believing in a lucky bicycle, lucky school bench and even a lucky color. What crushed my belief was when my pet dog died several years ago.

I was wearing my lucky color and was riding my lucky bike. My lucky shirt could not stop the car from hitting my dog, neither could my lucky bike go magically faster than a car. Later in my life when I re visited my thoughts and beliefs in the past, it hit me. Every even that took place was because I made a decision to be on a rocky hill in the dark that led to my fall, I failed my test because I did not do my homework, my dog died because the car driver did not follow road rules. Luck makes people feel better that there is someone or something else watching over them. Whether good or bad. Oprah hits the mark with this quotation, every action and decision leads to a resulting event. Now whether that event is in our favor or not, that is entirely up to the actions of us and the ones around us.

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