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Kite Runner journal

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Amir and Baba’s father and son relationship is difficult and painful because Baba’s high standards leave Amir deprived of acceptance and affection. Baba expects his son to grow to be a masculine, courageous, and independent young man, just as he himself had been. However, as Amir strays from Baba’s perception of a bold young man and starts to take great interest in reading books, poems, and writing just like his mother, he rejects Amir. In consequence, Amir desires and longs for Baba’s acceptance and affection which results Amir to become the total opposite of what Baba hoped he’d be.

The famous quote, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” can be used to describe the type of father and son bonding Baba had wanted. He wanted a son that was similar to him and who he could connect with. A son that could carry on his name, his masculinity, and business. There is nothing wrong with what Baba had wanted, most fathers desire this bonding, what was wrong was his response towards Amir as he did not turn out as he envisioned. Baba is unsatisfied with who Amir is. This is evident when he says to Rahim Khan, “there is something missing in that boy” (24). He wants a son that is capable of defending himself and protecting the ones he loves, however Amir has not yet proved himself competent and Baba is disappointed with this quality that he does not possess. Baba’s cold response and lack of interest in his son Amir causes Amir to develop into a insecure, love deprived young boy.

Amir has a tough childhood because he blames himself for the death of his mother. Misunderstanding his father, Amir believes the death of Baba’s “princess”, his mother, caused Baba to become careless of him. This leaves Amir craving for Baba’s approval which he tries to obtain by winning the kite tournament and bringing back the winning kite. After winning the kite tournament Amir gains Baba’s acceptance that he has so longed for. However, this doesn’t last long because “We’d deceived ourselves into thinking that a toy made of tissue paper, glue, and bamboo could somehow close the chasm between us” (93). They are incapable of continuing their relationship because Amir has made the wrong choices to attain Baba’s love and Baba can never be satisfied with his son due to high expectations.

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