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Jose Rizal in Dapitan

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* Has maintained one of the world’s highest economic growth rates since independence in 1966 from British.
* Animals are tourist attractions.
* It’s the largest Cattle exporter in the African continent. * The People there are mostly Christians.
* Bogobe is a Porridge prepared from sorghum, millet or maize. * Common beverage is mageu a thick tea also made with sorghum. * On weddings and festive occasions, Rice replaced sorghum. Mozambique

* Formerly known as Portuguese East Africa.
* Chief foods are corn, rice, cassava, yams, potatoes, bananas, citrus, pineapple, chilies, peppers and tomatoes. * Popular recipes are Rice-Coconut Milk, Mango and egg Pudding, and Fufu is a boiled cassava made into a soft dough by pounding into a mortar and pestle. Namibia

* Also known as South West Africa.
* Mostly high desert Platea , generally for cattle raising and little produce and crops. * Half of population depends on agriculture for its livelihood. * Mostly white commercial farmers own almost half of Namibias arable land. * Tourism is a major industry being a prime destination in Africa for Ecotourism which features Namibias extensive wildlife. * 80 % Christian and 50 % Lutherans .

* Ostrich eggs are not uncommon and sheep , goat meat , milk from these herds and fish from the coast provide good quality protein. * Millet staple crop followed by corn and gourds.

South Africa
* South Africa was ruled by white Africans primarily of German , Dutch and French descent. * They imposed their “Apartheid Law” which means “Apartness”. * 70 % of the 49 million population are Christian and other are protestants Hindus, Muslims, Jews and tribal traditional believers. * Mealie (corn) is South Africa’s favorite cereals.

* Cookies are adopted from their European background such as Krakelinge a Dutch Figure 8 cookies. * South Africans love barbecue called “braii .
* “Biltong” dried preserved meat .
* The major grain for consumption is Maize.
* Bread is the staple in the urban diet but not as important in rural areas. * Dry land rice is grown in some parts of the country but generally rice is not an everyday food. * Many Zimbabweans still follow traditional beliefs based on spirits “midzimu” are their guardians . “Mhondoro” deal with disasters like wars , epidemics and famines . * “Sadza” is a meat stews with peanuts and vegetables are served with fried cornmeal mush. * Everyone eats with the right hand it considered clean because the left is for personal hygiene. Eastern Asia

* Formerly called Tanganyika.
* This country located at the eastern coast of the Africa. * It is known for its many natural resources and also in their many tropical beaches and great lakes. * Spiced papaya is a common side dish entrees.

* Coconut is used in many recipes like soups, fish, poultry, meat dishes and many prepared desserts. * Tanzanian coffee is most popular in Europe.
* Banana beer or “mbege” is served in Northeast Tanzania. * One-dish meals mostly of grains, legumes and vegetables with little of meats are daily meals. Uganda
* This cast-central African nation sits on the equator and has fertile land. * Almost all families in Uganda cultivate their own crops. * Peanuts also called groundnut is considered as their first survival foods. * Most people eat two meals a day.

* Cooking is usually done with open wood fire.
* Popular dish “Matoke” a staple made from bananas.
* The national drink is “Waragai” a banana Gin.
* The Fourth largest Island in the World.
* Well known exporter of Vanilla.
* Rice is considered by the natives as the only real foods with the rest of ingredients or side dishes as the accompaniments. * Crusty French Bread and rice are eaten daily.
* Bananas(Hundreds of varieties) and rice cakes are the staple Street foods are available everywhere. * Popular is a dish of shrimps cooked in coconut milk and served over rice. Kenya

* Is located at the West Africa.
* Corn was introduced by Europeans.
* Kenyan Cuisine is influenced by the Portuguese and British colony but Kenyans still retain their traditional and ethnic culinary practices. * “Ugali “ is their national dish. A corn meal mush. Served with cream syrup or sugar and ghee. * The most common meat are goat lamb and beef.

* Other protein foods sources include fish, wild deer, and monkeys. Somalia
* Wars among tribes contribute to the poor economy and in many areas, starvation and malnutrition exist. * They seldom eat camel but drink camel milk.
* Meat including liver from sheep and goats also is popular. * The most popular bread is “muufo” a flat bread made from ground corn flour. * Somalians are Sunni Muslims and follow food taboos of this religion. No alcohol in any form is allowed.

* Located at the east coast of Central Africa.
* An important cash crop is coffee originated in kaffa province where it grows wild. The word coffee is originated from kaffa * where the first coffee plant was discovered.
* Teff is a millet unique to Ethiopia and wats are their favorite fiery hot stews. Wat can be made with chicken, beef, fish, or be vegetarian. It contains paprika and is very spicy. Doro Wat is one of the best known of all African recipes. It is a spicy Ethiopian chicken dish made with berbere (a spice mixture or spice paste) and niter kibbeh (or nitlir qibe. A spicy clarified butter flavored with onions garlic, ginger and spices.) Wat is eaten with injera , an ethiopian flatbread made from teff.

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