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American Films and Blacklist Rival

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For example, in the beginning the speeding infraction can be “achieved” by going 110 MPH, but later on it’s 150 MPH. Ramming a Police Vehicle – Easy to do when the pursuit starts. Hit & Run – Hit a vehicle and evade the police. Damage to Property – See that tree? Broom! Resisting Arrest – When they try to bust you, avoid it. Driving off Roadway – Parks, shortcuts… They all count. Lap Knockout: You play this against 3 other racers. You race 3 laps, and you need to make sure you’re not last. The one that finishes a lap last, is knocked out. The one that remains after 3 laps is the winner.

Photo Ticket: Get yourself a photo ticket, but driving too fast. Pursuit Time Challenge: Get into a pursuit and make it last a certain amount of time. Start with a low heat, and move your way up. Starting with a high heat is suicide, especially with objectives like 9 minutes. Pursuit Evasion: Shake of the cops in a certain amount of time. This is very easy in career. Get a car with a heat of 1, in the Blacklist select “Bounty” and select the very first location. Straight ahead of you is a Pursuit Breaker. Drive into that ND it’s all done in 12 seconds Roadblock: The police will set up roadblocks.

You need to crash/pass through them, and then evade the police. Speedster: A spin-off of the photo ticket. You race against 3 others, and you need to go from A to B. You’ll pass photo boots, and the one that passed those with the highest speed wins. When the first racer finishes, the score of the others will go down until they finish. Spike Strip: The same as the Roadblock challenge, but with spike strips. Slowing down time will help a lot here. Sprint: Go from A to B, and be the first. Tollbooth Challenge: Much like a sprint, but without any opponents. You just ass through tollbooths to gain time, and the police often bugs you.

Trade Paint: Ram the car of the opponent. Career Mode CM. 04. 01] == * Once again, I can’t possible make a walkouts out of this – you just need skills. Just imagine it – “turn left, turn right, straight ahead”. * The question markers are RANDOM! I just listed them like this. It doesn’t mean the first marker is always the pink slip. * YES! THEY ARE RANDOM! * The note above is just to make sure you got that * To build up a huge rapeseed, all you need to do is work on it as fast as you can. Before you even beat Blacklist Rival #15, just enter a pursuit that lasts ever 30 minutes.

The heat will never get too high, and it’ll make life so much easier when you’re aiming for 100%. Obviously, not all records can be broken yet (avoiding helicopters etc. ), but it’s a start. Especially the record of having a pursuit that lasts longer than 30 minutes is almost too easy with a maximum heat of 1. * Another way to beat a lot of records, is by hiding into a spot the police will never reach; – Bus stop: Somewhere on the map is a bus stop. It’s a building that has glasses on every side, and you can drive into it. You can ride up to another platform, and the police will never bust you. At higher heat levels they will see you, though. Baseball field: For some reason, they’ll see you – but not trace you here sometimes. – College campus: Campus is pretty much a giant circle with a cross in the center. One part of that cross is the parking lot, where there is a hiding spot. But the important part is tee campus ‘walkway’ The road starts at the main entrance with the statue in front. Behind that the road forks into two parallel parts, the left of which is the longest, running through the campus dorms or something. Nothing new there. Police cars rarely follow you through the dorms, and when hey spawn again, they will spawn at the road running underneath it. College campus 2: Same as above – there is also a jump here. Drive up to it, with the cops close behind. When you are about to make the jump, reset your car. The cops will take the jump, but you’ll stay there. Just make sure the police makes the jump, or you’ll be busted instantly. When the police is using choppers, this is even more perfect – as long as you don’t move, the chopper will stay above you and not lose any fuel. The police cars will never get to you. * Choppers can crash into pursuit breakers too (like a donuts), causing even ore damage than it would cause already. When your car hits some spike strip, you’ll get busted 99% of the time. Reset your car, and the tires will be brand new. If the cops weren’t behind you too close, you can start driving again and not get busted. Prologue [MM. 04. 02] ? Present Day… Challenging Blacklist Rival #15 You are going to ride against Razor, blacklist rival #15. If you lose, you’ll lose your car. Better not lose eh? The computer will race the first part, but you’ll have to do the last part yourself. Well… Not really. Your car is leaking oil, and the game switches back into time. Six days ago…

Entering Rockford City You are entering the city, and race against another person. The police stops you, and is planning to take your car. Lucky for you, they have to go. Sergeant Cross leaves a tiny little scratch on your car to remind you of him. How nice. 4 days ago… Cruising the streets… Looking for a race You’re racing against Ronnie. All of this to find yourself a nice gang to hang out with. Winning isn’t hard, because Ronnie is a terrible driver. Reward: 10,000 Once you find a gang, it turns out they don’t like you. You’re allowed to race and stuff. And you meet Razor… You also meet Aim, who’s hot.

Anyway, time to race, or quite a lot of money. And it’s not just money that makes it exciting, they’ll also call the cops. But anyway, you’ll race Tour. Win while you’re at it. Reward: 10,000 2 days ago.. Building reputation, winning races… Another race, but this time against 3 others, not just one. Present Day… Challenging Blacklist Rival So it’s time to race against Razor. Again. This time you start from the beginning, on your own. Good luck. It doesn’t even matter though, your car is broken and it stops working after a while. Guess who’s behind that. Well mister sergeant takes you with him.

Things look bad, don’t they? Some time later… Aim picks you up from the police station. There’s not enough evidence against you. Time to get your car back from Razor. You’ll have to rank up through the list and beat him. But first, we need a new car. You only have 30,000, so you’ll have to pick a Lexus IS 300 (best handling, costs 27,000), a Fiat Punt (best acceleration, costs 27,000) or a Chevrolet Cobalt AS (best top speed, costs 26,000). Whatever you like. I suggest picking the Cobalt AS, because it’s the fastest. F you happened to have Need for Speed: Underground 2 installed, you can also buy the fourth car.

I assume you don’t have it installed (or on your memory card, or that matter). So, drive there ;p Aim will explain how the blacklist works, and some other things. Mobile Messages ***Voice (After you got your own car) From: Aim Subject: I’ll meet you there. Hey, it’s me. Check out your map. Head up to the location I told you about. I’ll meet you there. Blacklist Rival 5: Ho Seen ‘Sonny’ Strength: Circuit Races [MM. 04. 03] Ride: VOW Golf GET Bio: This here is Sonny. He’s dumped a whole lot of cash into his car. That ride is worked so don’t be fooled, it’s a rocket. He does anything he can to get hold of parts before they hit the streets.

Race Wins: 3 Milestones Completed: 3 Total Bounty: 20000 You can’t just race against him straight away. You need to earn it. You have to reach some goals. Races Circuit cash Reward: 1,500 Cop Probability: Minimum Laps: 2 Distance: 4. 2 Miles Sprint Cash Reward: 1,500 Cop Probability: Maximum Laps: 1 Distance: 3. 5 Miles Lap Knockout Laps: 3 Distance: 5. 0 miles Milestones Trade Paint Bounty: 5,000 Description: Evade the police pursuit and tag a minimum of 2 police vehicles to successfully complete this challenge. Pursuit Evasion Description: Evade a police pursuit in less than 4 minutes to successfully complete this challenge.

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