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Different Categories of Network Local Area Networking is used primarily in small areas such as schools, hospitals and office buildings. Local Area Networking is one of the older types of networks. TCP/IP is used as the method of communication between computers in Local Area Networking. Due to its small size, it is possible for one person to administrate a Local Area Network. Local Area Networks are viable to quick change, using a bus network topology that allows for easy access to the Local Area Network.

Wireless Local Area Networks are much like LAN networks, except they do not require network cables to connect each other. Radio and infrared signals are used to communicate between machines whilst using a wireless local area network. Wireless Local Area Networks allow for small amounts of mobility whilst being connected to the internet. Wireless Local Area Networks work according to the IEEE 802.11 standards. Wireless Area Networks are commonly seen being used by a Wi-Fi internet connection. Wireless LAN connections offer a surprising amount of mobility for users with laptops and smart phones while being able to stay connected to the internet by different networking topology.

Wide Area Networks are used to connect server machines and computers across continents are countries for constant information updates. Wide Area Networks, are used across the globe, many networks connect with one another across continents to create one giant Wide Area Network. Wide Area Networks use optic fibre as their communication medium. The largest example of a Wide Area Network is the internet itself, which connects all users to the information and data that is available on the internet

Metropolitan Area Networks are not commonly used these days; they are used to create communication between systems in an entire city. Hence a Metropolitan Area Network area falls between the sizes Local Area Networks, and Wide Area Networks. Metropolitan Area Networks are used by city specific businesses such as the New York Times in the state of New York.

Campus Area Networks are usually a connection of many small LAN networks
which are often used on university campuses and office buildings. Campus Area Networks allow for easy file sharing between different departments as all the files are usually shared on the server machines of each LAN network. This type of network offers a lot of simplicity in the transfer and downloading of files.

Storage Area Networks are primarily used as information databases. They are not usually used by large organizations or similar entities. They are specifically used for the storage of information, and easy retrieval of specific pieces of data whenever required. Storage Area Networks are usually used by websites which offer downloading services.

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