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Intelligent Robots and Systems

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The Development of artificial intelligence has been receiving great attention from many people. Especially, robotics is considered a most interesting potential field because people expect robots to come into their lives. Robots will make our lives more comfortable, doing household duties, security jo Intelligent Robots and Systemsbs, tending the elderly, etc. Therefore, it is essential that people become more familiar with our future helpers. However, many people do not take interests in knowing about robots because people are not aware of the meaning of robots’ names. It is a good idea for inventors to name their robots or project after themselves on their company, such as Google car, iCub and NASH. It helps people to remember robots’ names without difficulty. Google is famous for being a search engine. They look forward to providing the world with a self-driving car. Google is dedicated to inventing their project car.

“The Google research program using artificial intelligence to revolutionize the automobile is proof that the company’s ambitions reach beyond the search engine business (Markoff).” Even though most optimists predicted that Google car would not make any profits for eight years, Google risked doing experimental driving in CA last year. This was possible because of the inventor’s hope to make the nation safer and clearer. According to technologists, the Google car would have tremendous effects on our societies if it succeeds in solving safety and legal issues. The RobotCub consortium looks forward to revolutionize robotics industry as Google is dedicated to changing the world with Google car. iCub is known for its potential to learn through experiences like child does.

Singapore is proud of its first human-sized smart robot. NASH possesses singular abilities, “observe its environment, gesture, walk, climb stairs and follow verbal instructions(Kok).” NASH is named after its inventor, Nanyang technological university, short for NTU and Advanced Smart Humanoid. It took lots of efforts for inventor, Prof xie, to build the first human-sized robot. NASH does not require that people use remote control or put code into computers to move. Instead, NASH manages to respond to human languages. However, it is important that NTU make NASH move its weight freely to simply stand upright. The name of NASH, the first human-sized smart robot, helps people to be aware of its inventor. “This world’s tallest smart robot places NTU and Singapore on the global map when it comes to
robotics research(Kok).”

There are several benefits of naming robots by their uses. One benefit of doing so is to help people predict robots’ jobs. The surprising motions of PETMAN stunned people at the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems in San Francisco held on Sep. 2011. PETMAN’s development was relevant to the U.S. Army because they provided inventors with $26.3 million. “It has to be capable of moving just like a soldier –walking, running, bending, reaching, army crawling- to test the suit’s durability in a full range of motion(Guizzo).” People are worried about the Army’s using PETMAN in the near future because Army demands PETMAN meet the their strict requirements, such as measurement and organ functioning

It is common for people to think that the main color of sapphire is blue. A robot, SAFFiR from Dennis Hong who has become famous engineer in robotics is under development to extinguish fires on ships. SAFFiR, or Shipboard Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot is considered one of the most focused projects in Hong’s team because the robot will eventually protect a ship crew from potential fires. SAFFiR is supposed to look through smoke, as people can see a real sapphire gleaming in every angle. In the same way, the other robot is invented to respond to people’s need. Before the invention of IMPASS, or intelligent Mobility Platform with Active Spoke System, Hong was very worried about his future because his research proposals were rejected both in 2003 and 2004. His situation seemed to be an “impasse” then. With an advent of IMPASS, the National Science Foundation supported his developing IMPASS. Hong had succeeded in breaking an “impasse” as much as IMPASS could crawl over rough terrain.(De Vise)

A couple in Japan approved of a robot’s marrying them for the first time. I-Fairy supply newlyweds with unforgettable memories. A fairy is regarded as an imaginary creature with magical powers. With the blessing of I-Fairy, it is easy for people to think the word “fairy” as a wedding blesser. In terms of difficult and dangerous jobs, LineScout suggests people do not risk inspecting utility lines. In general, a scout is someone who is sent to an area of countryside to find out the position of an enemy. It takes enough responsibility for searching problems in transmission lines. Although LineScout is not fully developed, people can count on its ability to repair worn out wires.

Many robots have unique forms. Sometimes they are named for similar animals, objects and cartoon characters. Georgia Tech had invented a robot called Golem Krang whose name is somewhat scary to some people. Golem Krang is composed of a mobile manipulator on a two-wheeled balancing platform. Some people might partly imagine its shape by its name. Golem is commonly known as an artificial creature made out of soil “krang” was a legless cartoon character with two ugly and wrinkled arms. “Special part of the robot is a humanoid torso that adds a waist roll joint to replicate humanoid torso folding and a yaw joint for spine rotation and anthropomorphic arms(What).” Similarly, Willow Garage, a Silicon Valley company, has named a robot TurtleBot. “It looks like a cross between a foot stool and a scale(De Vise).” Willow Garage risked inventing a robot at the low end, so that it does not help people much.

As Hong’s robots, one of his robots named STriDER has people imagine how it is named. Although people cannot find a meaning of STriDER, Hong gives people description: “a three-legged robot that resembles an animated camera tripod(De Vise).” Another robot is HyDRAS, short for Hyper-redundant Discrete Robotic Articulated Serpentine. A term “Hydra” which is a genus of tiny fresh-water creatures moves like worm. Similarly, “HyDRAS resembles a Slinky and can roll up telephone poles(De Vise).” Hong let his other robot, MARS, seem to be NASA rover. He has named the robot after the NASA rover. “MARS, Multi Appendage Robotic System, is a crab-like robot patterned on the NASA rover(De Vise).”

Hong was dedicated to giving robots series of names, such as CHARLI and DARwIn as their abilities had improved gradually. It was uncommon for CHARLI to have deer’s ankle as a knee bone. He was “Cognitive Humanoid Autonomous Robot with Learning Intelligence, America’s first full-size, two legged, walking humanoid robot(De Vise).” Hong’s first pint-size Terminator, DARwIn, or Dynamic Anthropomorphic Robot with Intelligence, was humiliated by defeat in RoboCup 2007. “During one match, DarwIn fell, and its head broke off. It stood, headless, and began walking in circles(De Vise).” Hong did not get tired of training DARwIn as a soccer player although DARwIn-2 was unable to find a ball during Robocup 2008 in China. Hong kept on developing DARwIn-3 and 4 for the world champion. CHARLI-2, stronger, lighter and more nimble than his ancestor, succeeded in bringing the trophy to the U.S. for RoboCup 2011. This was possible since Hong was faithful to developing his robots in succession.

It takes a lot of efforts as well as money for someone to invent robots, while their potential advantages are hard to calculate. People are aware of the importance of robots roles in the future. On the other hand, some people are embarrassed about others’ ignorance of robots. It is good idea for people to learn about robots to prepare for the future. As for me, the variety of robots’ names helped me comprehend how the robots are invented.

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