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In Cold Blood

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The non-fictional book In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote, tells the story of a family of four living in Kansas murdered by two men; Perry and Dick. Within the two chapters titled Persons Unknown, Dick and Perry both tell the story from different point of view with Dick first and then Perry second. The way Capote displays the similarities and differences between the passages allow readers to look into each of the men’s composites at a more higher level and his t style of writing.

The similarities shown between both passages is a key role in pinpointing the shared qualities between Dick and Perry. For instance, within both of the passages, Perry said “I there must think there must be something wrong with us” (108 & 110). Capote’s purpose for this line was to stress that both of the killers are not mentally stable. Dick tries to contradict this statement truth made by Perry by saying, “Deal me out baby… I’m normal (108). But the use of this line both passage discloses that Dick and Perry are both afraid of accepting the reality behind their psychological states. Also, to avoid talking about the murder of the Clutters, Dick questions Perry about the murder of the African American man that he had claimed to have murdered when they first met. Dick says, “Or did you? Kill him like you said?” (109 & 112). Capote uses this quote in both passages in order to put out the fact that Dick and Perry are both questioning each others companionship and boldness. Capote presents Dick and Perry with similar characteristics that line up with each other.

In addition, much dissimilarity has been presented between the passages that help point out the major difference between Dick and Perry. For example after Dick claims that he is self- assuring man by saying, “Wasn’t that a horse’s laugh?”(111). Capote provides the audience with evidence to see Perry’s point of view on Dick’s affirmation in order for the audience to take the viewpoint into consideration while they go deep into thought about Perry’s condition. Also, in the second passage, a dog is walking down the road and “Dick swerved toward it… running down a dog, which was something he did whenever the opportunity arose”(112-113). Capote does not include this reaction in Dick’s passage in order to show that Dick ignores his morally wrong actions as it accounts him incapable of identifying wrong and right. Capote uses this excerpt in Perry’s passage most likely to make a the audience’s probable assumptions of Perry being able to distinguish right and wrong strong. Capote reveals Dick and Perry’s differentiating traits through an attentive degree.

Further more, Capote’s way of writing can be looked at a close observation of the similarities and differences between both passages. For example, within the two passages, the setting is made up of “Mountain. Hawks wheeling in a white sky” (107-108& 110). The use of the similar set wording by Capote of the setting within the two passages makes the straightforwardness of the overall book strong. Also, in both of the passages, after Dick has questioned Perry about the black man he claimed to murder, Capote Narrates in the first passage, “It was a significant question, for his original interest in Perry . . . was founded on the story Perry had once told him of how he had beaten a colored man to death” (109), while he also narrates in the in the second passage, “Perry was not a gifted liar . . .” (112). Through the use of different personal perception into the dialogically similar writing, Capote raises a different view point of each passage that is from the same scene. Anticipating the way that Capote has written both passages will allow the audience in understanding the way Capote is able to make important use of his writing style.

Overall, Capote makes use of these analogous yet challenging passages in order to present his readers with an opportunity to understand both Dick and Perry’s point of view. Also, the audience gets a chance to use Capote’s writing abilities as a tool to uncover details about the way Dick and Perry act. Capote is successful in teaching readers more about Dick and Perry at a different and unique way involving his writing style as a management.

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