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Human Resource Management Argumentative

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Managing Human Resources at Barden Bearings
1) Which of the HR objectives facing Mr. Brush are the most important to the success of the business? Prioritize them and justify your list. From the perspective of Mr. Brush the most important objectives for the success of the business are: Recruiting and training new hourly employees

Safety and occupational health improvement
New machines and development of new workforce
Managing health costs of an aging workforce
Recruiting and training new employees is very important HR objective for every company. Globalization and modernization of the market created a necessity for constant improvements. It is very important for companies to realize that recruiting and training new people creates an opportunity for innovations, as new and different minds are coming to a company. Moreover, the Barden Bearings Corporation has a problem with aging workers which is another reason for recruiting new employees. A lot of workers are close to retirement, therefore new employees are necessary to fill the positions. Another important objective is safety and occupational health improvements. Because workers are handling very complex machines there is a high probability for injuries which directly affects the effectiveness of the workforce. As effectiveness of the workers is directly related with the productivity of the company, it is very important to have a safe and healthy work environment in order to reduce the sick days and injuries. New machines and development of new workforce is what creates a competitive advantage of one company.

Therefore, constant improvements and innovations are necessity for success. New machines are much faster and more efficient as the items can be produced in mass quantities. This decreases different costs of a company and increases the productivity and profit. Because those machines are usually expensive it is important that company has a workforce that is familiar with using those kinds of machines. Managing health costs of an aging workforce- In order to reduce accidents and sick days, a company should pay a lot of attention on improving conditions for older workers. Strict safety regulations and monitoring of those employees will reduce the probability for injuries and therefore improve the effectives. 2) Consider this list of objectives in Question 1 from the perspective of employees. How would you, as an employee, prioritize the list? What are the implications of any differences in the two lists of priorities for Mr. Brush? Safety and occupational health improvements

Managing health cost of an aging workforce
Recruiting and training new hourly employees
New machines and development of new workforce
From the standpoint of an employee, safety is most important objective. It is necessary that workers feel comfortable and safe on their workplace. Better working conditions are associated with workers’ productivity and creativity. Therefore, such environment is important for company as it provides advantages necessary for success. Managing health cost of an aging workforce is related with explanation of previous objective. If workers know that a company takes care of them, they will also take care of the company. New machines and development of new workforce can be seen as benefit for employees rather than a threat. As I explained above, new machines are much faster and efficient, therefore they reduce the level of effort and time for producing some items. Less physical effort is needed to handle those machines which helps workers to do more things and be more effective. 3) Choose two objectives. For each, describe the key roles and responsibilities of the HR manager, the line managers, and other employees. Recruiting and training new hourly employees

Key roles and responsibilities of the HR manager in this case is to find people who are best fit for the company. Interviewing them will narrov the list which HR manager has to obtain in order to find a best person. Line manager should handle the training and testing of new employees and decide which positions are best fit for them. Other employees should show support and help the new ones to adapt to company’s culture. Safety and occupational health improvements

HR manager should create plans for safety measures and make sure that all employees are familiar with them. Line manager should control and monitor workers with constant reminding about safety regulations. Other employees should be responsible, follow the instructions, and act carefully to not hurt themselves or their colleagues.

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