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How Kilimanjaro Training Program Help in High Altitude Hiking

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Mount Kilimanjaro is located 19,341 feet above the sea level, which requires incredible physical and psychological capabilities among the trekkers to climb it successfully. So, the hikers should follow a high-intensity Kilimanjaro training program to enhance the endurance level and core strength of the physique.

Ascertain Symptoms and Cure of High Altitude Sickness

High altitude trekking entails acclimatizing to lower oxygen levels, inhospitable terrains, and incredible heights. Thus, you may experience acute mountain sickness, involving exhaustion, vomiting tendency, headaches, and even dyspnea. So, you should engage in a high-intensity training program focussed with core exercise drills in a synchronized approach. Besides, the trekker should always ascend in a slow but steady pace.

Give Stress on Aerobic Exercises

To cope up with low oxygen levels, it is always advisable to start an aerobic session, especially cardio workouts for at least six months before embarking on the actual hiking mission. This aerobic drill will assist in adjusting the heart and lungs according to the conditions of the mountains. You should actively continue with the cardiovascular workouts under the Kilimanjaro training program, through accurate repetitions to pump up your heart with the requisite blood flow. Thus, a light to moderate cardio drill for half to an hour should be practiced thrice a week at the minimum. Different cardio workouts include jogging, walking, running, hiking, cycling and swimming. Again, to enhance the endurance level, you can also increase the duration of the exercises, just before a month from commencing the actual hiking.

Strengthen Muscles Through Core Strength Regime

Both the legs and upper body part will drain out fast, due to the strenuous trek around ten hours per day, while carrying heavy rucksacks on the way to the mountains. Therefore you should tone up your legs, the core and upper torso under the Kilimanjaro training program by practicing proper repetitions of light to moderate strength and resistance exercises. Again, coming down from Kilimanjaro also puts stress on the thighs, hips, and knees, so you need to muscle up your legs, abs, the upper shoulders, and lower back to maintain the correct body stance during the entire hiking. Moreover, the proper body posture assists you to expand the chest properly and inhale more oxygen to keep the lungs in good shape.

Thus, you should practice strength drills at least six month before the climb repeating two to three days each week. Some of the best leg training includes leg extensions, squats, inclined leg press, walking and rear jumps, and upright calf rising. While, core exercises with stress on the upper torso involves push-ups, shoulder press, crunches, planks, kettle bell swings, reverse grip pulling and back and shoulder thrusts.

Choose the Appropriate Hiking Footwear

Ascending the mountains with new boots might be great mistake, so the trekkers need to identify the suitable climbing boots with comfortable inner sole for ensuring greater protection from cold and frostbites. Thus the trekker should practice walking drills on an inclined treadmill under the Kilimanjaro training program to mimic the high mountain slopes. Moreover, you can practice demo hiking to some nearby hills to adjust and maintain the body balance in accordance to your back, shoulder, and hips. It is advisable to trek at a minimum of three long-route hiking practice wearing the new trekking boots to adapt accordingly. So, 3 to 4 miles hike lasting around 4 hours should be practiced once a week at a minimum. Stop the demo hikes 2 to 4 week prior the actual climb to rejuvenate the body.

All these core drills, along with meditation and yoga will provide you the necessary strength, stamina and mental stability required for the climb.

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