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How Far Do the Sources Suggest That Gandhi Was an Effective Leader

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How far do the Sources suggest that Gandhi was an effective leader? Firstly, Source 10 mainly agrees with the statement. Source 12 also agrees, on the other hand source 11 disagrees heavily with the statement. Source 10 is written by Lord Chelmsford, the viceroy of India. He states that “Gandhi is a man of great saintliness of character”. This shows that the viceroy respects Gandhi even though, in many respects, Gandhi is his enemy. He views him as an equal perhaps, and respects him as a leader. This quote links to source 12, written by Gandhi himself, he writes “I shall only pray and hope that God will give India sufficient humility and sufficient strength to remain non-violent to the end”. This shows Gandhi’s strength and “saintliness of character”. Gandhi also writes in source 12, “It is high time that the British people were made to realise that the fight commenced in 1920 is a fight to the finish”.

This again shows his strength of character and his effective leadership skills. These qualities are referenced, again in source 10, the viceroy writes, “Mr Gandhi is held in estimation by everyone who comes across him”. Source 11, written by Jinnah, criticizing Gandhi. In 1920, Jinnah resigned from Congress when it agreed to follow a campaign of Satyagraha, or non-violent resistance, advocated by the influential leader, Gandhi. This letter shows his anger towards Gandhi, privately and uninfluenced, we can rely on this source. Jinnah writes “In the public life of the country, your methods have caused divisions, … even between fathers and sons.” This shows he does not understand the needs of the public, only concerning himself with the needs of India as a whole. He disregards Muslim concerns, mainly focusing on the Hindu population which leads to the separation of India into Pakistan. This links directly to the Viceroy’s claim in source 10, writing that Gandhi is “hopelessly unpractical and unaware in everyday matters”.

Sources 10 and 12 are relatively unreliable however, because of their authors. Source 10 is written by the Viceroy of India, concerning Gandhi. As I mentioned earlier, Gandhi was an enemy of the Raj. On the other hand the source is very unbiased and accurate; Gandhi was quite unpractical in everyday matters, e.g. believing that every Indian should weave their own cloth etc. The Viceroy is also quite complementary of Gandhi in other respects, “Mr Gandhi is held in great estimation by everyone”, which we know to be true. Source 12, written by Gandhi himself shows his true feelings, he writes his views in a newspaper. Although this was probably what Gandhi believed, we cannot rely on this source. It may have been influenced by his advisors etc.

In conclusion, source 10 is a reliable source, due to its accuracy and gives us an insight into the viceroy of India’s personal views. Which is important as it gives us an opponent’s outlook on Gandhi’s leadership. Source 11, also reliable, as it receives no influence. Disagrees with the statement, this source shows the Muslim viewpoint and gives us reason to believe that Gandhi is an ineffective leader. Source 12 is the least reliable of all the sources, having been written by Gandhi himself, and although may have been heavily influenced, it agrees with the statement, and shows the strength of Gandhi’s character mentioned in source 10. On the evidence of the sources and my own knowledge I believe that Gandhi was an effective leader on the whole, he made huge amount of progress in India and without him independence may not have been achieved.

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