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How Does Mugabeship Qualifies Divine Kingship?

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            Mugabe is the common African word for King. This word commonly applies to all the chieftains and kingdoms in the African History.


            Mugabe is not only a ruler of a nation in general as perceived by non African or Non Hamitic people. The Mugabe is considered the symbol of the Nation and he is the reflection of every good and bad happening to the entire nation. Thus Mugabeship is not only a physical leadership but also a spiritual one. Mugabe’s strength is the indication of the strength of the whole nation and his weakness depicts the weakness of the nation on whole. Thats why Mugabe is not allow to become weak and according to tradition when he shows signs of feebleness he is not allowed to lead the nation any longer so that his weakness will make the nation weak. Instead he is terminated mostly by poisoning and is replaced by another more vigorous and strong Mugabe.

            Thus Mugabeship qualifies not only as a divine kingship because primarily it is bound to a certain class of rulers. The eligibility and criteria to become a Mugabe is strongly racial in nature as it is necessary for the Mugabe to be a member of certain clan or tribe. Regicide is another tradition similar to the divine kingship. More over the overall impacts of Mugabe’s goodness of illness to the nation is also considered as one of the remnants of the ancient Hamitic myth of Divine kingship and all these factors have compelled many  anthropologists to perceive Mugabeship as a form of Divine Kingship.

            On the other hand Mugabeship strongly indicates diffusion of Hamites with the indigenous population because the Hamitic Myth relies on divine kingship like the Egyptian Myths. The adoption of these myths are only possible when a large group of Hamites have invaded these lands and have overwhelmed these people so that they were forced to adopt the Hamitic Traditions.

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