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Hotel Reservation System And Billing System

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I.1 Background of the Problem
Fast. Accurate and relevant hotel services have been a great demand in a progressive place. This is because many investors or travelers from faraway places seek to find comfort in terms of their accommodation and stay in their certain destination.

Because of this; the modern technology world of hotel accommodation has gone into various level-up stages. There must be a system that will work out to make transactions fast. Accurate and convenient to clients. The proponents want to know the reasons of hotel in using manual reservation. The proponents conduct a study towards the topic because they notice some of the hotel still use manual reservation. The study will emphasize the effects using manual reservation and how a computerized reservation. Interaction and individual stimulation have always been linked to the technological availability of the time and place. With the transition to an information- based society, computers and transaction have evolved from manual transaction. One of the solution to the problems that a hotel facing, a system was being developed which can edit, delete, filter, monitor and store and secured the records of the costumers.

Hotel reservation and billing system is a transaction processing system that solved that problem encountered during the manual hotel reservation and billing system. The computerized hotel reservation and billing system aims to simplify the manual hotel reservation and billing system fastest and accurate. We make use of some tools and techniques to build the project. The system was implemented it will solved the most common problems that hotel reservation encounter. Based on the research conducted, the proponents found out the problem of this study: How will this system help the management and the staff to have an accurate service at the same time to monitor the records of the customers?

Hotel customers choose important considerations in choosing a place to stay like location, price/value and service. These are very important because these are the primary basis of a customer to be attracted in that business. Since the researchers found out that manual procedure are still used in processing their billing and reservation transactions, it greatly affects their customer’s need. Bohol Domene Kaw Hotel since its inception has been providing accommodation services to clients who require these facilities. As a result, hotel practitioners have had to improve on their service delivery due to competition and technological changes within this industry. The development of this Hotel is growing tremendously due to a number of reasons that range from economic and social changes. These factors have positively impacted the existence and development of this industry. The management systems being used in the said Hotel are both paper based and also involve automation of some business processes such as writing up weekly reports using Microsoft Word. Despite this automation, nearly all of the business activities are carried out using a paper based approach or a manual processes.

To tackle this problem, our group decided to implement and make a system that will make these problems solve. So we conducted a survey and interview to the owner of the said hotel so that they might have a computerized and easy way of retrieving and compiling of files with time-friendly system. We all decided that we will make a system that can be able to reduce time consumed in retrieving files. The Hotel Reservation & Billing System would manage the key processes with greater ease and simplicity. The project set out to develop the HRBS based on collected system requirements and specifications obtained by using different techniques including interviews, observations & questionnaires. Our system was designed to cover the main functionalities of reservations and billing processes. This was modeled using DFD’s which were constructed using VB.NET. The adoption of this system would be valuable to hotel practitioners since such a system can help handle the ever increasing volumes of information.

I.3 Project Rationale
The Hotel Reservation and Billing system proposed in the replacement of the Manual reservation produce at the Bohol Domene Kaw Hotel process. The proposed system is beneficial in providing information in the entire Reservation and Billing process in our client. With the use of hotel reservation and billing system, this will help the Hotel in updating and improving their current system. The Hotel will have their own system with friendly user interface wherein customers can easily or plan an event, giving them more easy way and hassle free reservation. Since their records are only kept in a filing cabinet it can easily be access by the staff of the Hotel, the system will features a registration and security module. The registration module will allow every level access to register to the system administrators and customers. The adding database will be filling out an application form, which will be recorded to the database and the proposed system will automatically generate. The user will then give personal information such us NAME, ADDRESS, AGE, CONTACT NUMBER. In addition, this module will also verify if the user has an existing record and will prompt a message that the user account already exist and if not, it wil be recorded to the database.


2.1 Problem Statement
1. Human and Computation Errors
Many errors enabled by the system due to tedious computations required during data processing cost the hotel management heavily. 2. Complaints from Guest

Due to poor management of documents encouraged by the manual system, several cases were reported where guest complained of over changing charging of service not used by the guests. 3. Difficult in data Analysis

The accounts usually found it to analyze the guests data during generation of expenditures bills due to missing of some records. 4. Poor Communication
Due to poor communication between the departments, guest are often too served with services not used by the guests.

2.2 Proposed Research
2.2.1 General Objectives
The proposed software system will be used to manage the front desk activities of a hotel it will be able to accept reservation, to record information about the hotel guest, to verify from availability, and to allocate rooms to guests. Maintain Users personal information, address, and contact details Enable fast and easy retrieval of guest records and data for fast references activities. Enable easy authorized modification of data.

To enable automated data entry methods
Ensure efficient and reliable communication within the hotels.

2.2.2 Specific Objective
The main objective of the entire activity is to automate the process of the day to the activities of Hotel:
Room Activities
Admission of new customer
Assign a room according to customer’s demand
Check out the computer
List of Regular customer
System connectivity
No data duplication
No paper work required
Time efficient
Automatic data validation
User friendly environment
Data security and reliability
Fast data insertion and retrieval
Easy performance check

2.3 Scope and Limitation
The system is expected to accept basic information from clients like name, address, contact number, room type, mode of payment, length of stay and issues a bill or receipt of acknowledgement as for successful logging in. the system will then store the accepted data in a database for future usage. As for booking and planning an event, the user will have the ability to manage and change the rooms they need and will allow them to set the date and time depending on availability In additional, they can also make reservation for the certain kinds of events and add any additional services that they might need providing that have must be at least a minimum of days interval before the exact date of the reservation. When reserving for a room the client must fill up the form provided he/she must indicate the date of the reservation. Same goes for planning an event, the user is required to fill up he/she has must chose a type of an event offered by the hotel,indicate the target date of event and the possible number of visitors. Limitation

There are also some limitations when using the system. The system only display the other services offered by the company but it is included in the reservation forms, the client can only reserve the room and packages displayed. Using for any adds-ons must be done directly to any authorized person in the company. 2.4 Methodology

Methodology may be described as structured site of steps, techniques, design product and the processes, components and perspectives. A methodology will consists of phases, themselves consisting of sub-phases, which will guide the system developers in their choice of techniques that might be appropriate at each stage of the project and also help them plan, manage control and evaluate research.

Through the years of service, BOHOL DOMENE KAW HOTEL has engage the manual way reservation with the use of writing materials to gather information written down manually on their guest registration receipt and will be stored in folders or filling cabinet. Through in the past this was a tried and true method, He rise and in its computers populations, and the further increase in the complexities of the reservation and how they gather information, has made their methods crude and obsolete. It is how prone to being misplace during manual filing information won’t be properly for the future used and is not 100% reliable. This day and age, pen and paper of yesterday are computers. By modernizing their reservation system with the use of internet, the proponents hope to ensure the security and validity of reservation made by the costumers by storing them in a more up to date way and to make it fast and more systematic as well.

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