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Health Care Process

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Team A believes that Electronic medical records are the future of health care. This is why it’s important for the medical records to be updated on a weekly to monthly basis within the long term care department. Our audience that needs to know and learn about this implement would be new hires in to the company as well as our current employees. Medical information is the staple of any health care facility and the ability to speed up a process can only help provide efficient medical care (“Electronic Medical Record Systems”, 2012). While we tend to study the process of electronic records, we were able to implement a structured order that will supply information on patients and staff members that will help with process of caring for the health of our company’s patients. By doing this it will provided a lot more detail to nurse’s doctors, and anyone else in the healthcare field information pertaining to the patient especially when dealing with the long term care department. Medical records within a facility tells the whole medical background and history of a patient.

These systems can facilitate workflow and improve the quality of patient care and patient safety (“Electronic Medical Record Systems”, 2012). This includes from birth all the way up to the elderly or your current age. Electronic records have critical information of patients such as medical history, care plans, test results, and medication prescriptions that can be accessed quickly to reduce the number potential errors that could come across and be well avoided (“Electronic Medical Record Systems”, 2012). Team A believes that personal information should be updated to help understand a patient’s condition. This becomes very important especially with the doctor analysis but also to help the physician learn more about the patient’s state of health for future references or treatments that they may receive. Team A believes that having the medical records updated within the long term care department would be a great access and help. Long-term care facilities possess unique characteristics in terms of implementation and utilization of electronic medical records (“Electronic Medical Records in Long-Term Care”, 2010).

We believe this because a lot of patients who are in long term care have an extensive medical background history that requires them to have long term care in the first place. This can range from physical disabilities all the way to internal things such as cancer. Having these records updated on a week to month basis is crucial and very important not only for the patients but for the physician caring for them. In today’s health society everything is ran by updated technology and electronically. Electronic Records are very popular in demand especially within the nursing home and hospital (“Electronic Medical Records In Long-Term Care”, 2010). This is why new employees and the current ones need to know that anything that goes on with a patient needs to be documented regardless of how big or small it may seem. Conclusion

Electronic medical records are the new future of our hospital and nursing homes documentation of patient files. It’s very easy to access quickly for physicians or doctors to look upon and less complicated to send over to other health care professionals. Electronic medical records are very easy to use but they need to be updated on a week to month basis for the safety of the patient and their medical record. New employees should very much be aware of this new policy being implemented with this organization and the current employees need to be in serviced as well of what’s to be done and expected of keeping up as well as maintaining medical records. This is Team A plans of implementing the medical records within the long term care department.

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