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Health Care Information Systems Terms

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After you define each term, describe in 40 to 60 words the health care setting in which each term would be applied. Include at least two research sources to support your position—one from the University Library and the other from the textbook. Cite your sources in the References section consistent with APA guidelines.

Term Definition How Used in Healthcare Health Insurance Portability and Sets of establish guidelines and It is used in health care organizations to Accountability Act (HIPAA) limitations to prevent personal and health assist on the safe guarding of patient information from being openly disclosed to information and assuring confidentiality by unauthorized individuals. It was implementing rules and regulations in how established in 1996 to accommodate and to properly handle patient’s medical and regulate the unprecedented growth in the personal records. use of medical digital information. Electronic medical record Electronic medical records are digital or Electronic medical records are used to computerized form of medical records that communicate within providers and it can be are completely able and soon to replace used to coordinate treatments, read notes physical or paperback format records. and follow up on care. These can also be Electronic medical records can be utilized used to order or review labs and examine locally or thru the internet allowing for different types of x-rays. quick access. Electronic health record An electronic health record is a shorter The electronic health record is used for form of the electronic medical record.

The personalized care in the healthcare electronic health record is a summarized organization. Since it is a summary of the form and it can include patient impute. Themain medical record it can be used to bring EHR is mostly used for continuity of care the most recent or important information to and it cannot exist without the electronic the front and saving the time it takes to medical record. search thru the whole record. Personal health record The personal health record is basically theThe personal health record is used for the patient’s medical history. It contains the initial screening by the health care patient information, allergies, organization. It is supposed to bring some immunizations, past surgery history and general information about the patient and family history. They are kept by the assist the health care organization with patient and are freely updated by the preparing certain procedures. It provides patients and not the providers. information regarding allergies if the patient cannot provide it.

Computerized provider order entry system The computerized provider order entry The computerized order entry system is system was developed as a means to utilized in health care to facilitate the electronically prescribe procedures. The process of prescribing procedures or orders are populated with the patient medicine to patient within an organization. information and it can be utilized for Simplifying the chain of event, the chain labs, x-rays and medications. The order is of custody and minimizing the chances of automatically verified for accuracy and mistakes of ordering the wrong procedures. submitted. Unique patient identifier

The unique patient identifier is a system In healthcare the unique patient identifier that is used in order to further and is an often overlooked but very important properly identify a patient as the right part of care. It can be used to identify a individual in need of treatment. patient as the correct person to receive Information such as the person’s date of treatment and the staff when referring to birth and partial digits of his the patient can utilize it. It helps by identification number are utilized. Most minimizing the amount of times a patients time this data is used to identify the first name has to be used thus minimizing patient instead of the patients name and itexposure to unauthorized persons. diminishes duplication duplicates and privacy concerns (“Definition Of Unique Identifier Reporting”, n.d.).

Protected health information Protected health information is informationProtected health information is used in in any format that is sent or received by many ways in healthcare. Some of the third party entities, such as workplace, patient’s personal information is concerning the past, current or possible transcribed and distributed to other health issues of an individual. The individuals or agencies on a need to know protected health information can be basis. Only the relevant information is utilized to identify the individual sent about each case. (“Protected Health Information (phi)”, n.d.). Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid In healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid Services is a federal agency within the US services are used by millions of Americans Department of Health & Human Services every day. Medicare provides most of the responsible for control and administration healthcare services of senior citizens. of Medicare for senior’s citizens and Children and individuals with special needs Medicaid for children and those with fall under the umbrella of care of special needs (“Centers For Medicare & Medicaid. Medicaid Services (cms)”, n.d.).

Covered entities The US Health Insurance Portability and In the health care business, the doctors Accountability Act or HIPAA defines coveredand nurses are not the only ones that will entity as any health plans or providers have access to some of the patient’s that electronically transmit information information. Some “covered entities” will directly or thru third parties to other need to be made aware of changes. Entities health care entities for the purpose of such as medical and life insurance filing insurance claims or payments companies will need to know of any mayor (“Covered Entity (health Care) “, 2011). change in the life of the patient. Health information exchange Health information can be very easily Health information exchange provides the defined, as its name implies its purpose. proper way to send and transmit It is the transmission of healthcare confidential medical information from related information among other healthcare medical facility to medical facility. A facilities or United States Government company follows these strict guidelines to agencies. Healthcare information exchange protect their patients. is governed by local and national standards (“Health Information Exchange (HIE)”, 2010).


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