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Gate Access Monitoring and Identification System Plus

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Knowing the people entering and leaving the school premises is important. A secure entrance, the right devices and a good system is needed to attain this problem. Although there is an existing system currently being used, it is not being utilized to its full potential. (1) The existing system can only grant access to allow the person to enter the university premises if his/her Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a registered and working card but it doesn’t count the total people entered and left. (2) The existing system also doesn’t have a turnstile to handle people leaving the university thus identifying the peoples inside makes it harder. (3) Unregistered persons and visitors entering have to undergo to a manual process which they have to log themselves on a log book before going in. (4) Tracking and monitoring the total population of each campuses is also not present in the existing system thus generating reports is difficult. (5) The existing system also is not integrated to the Infotext System which the university has. This gives an idea for the researchers to continue and improve the existing system to address this issues for the advancement and better service of the university.

The Tarlac State University is using a Gate Access Monitoring and Identification System (GAMIDS) on its entrances for personnel and students entering its premises. The existing system is using RFID technology to identify the person and a turnstile to handle people going in.

The purpose of this enhanced system is to develop furthermore the existing system by modifying it and adding more functions to increase its capabilities. This are to improve announcements and notifications using Short Messaging Service (SMS), security, tracking, visitor management and better generating of reports.

The developed enhanced system is capable of notifying students and parents using SMS. The system will notify parents if their children entered the university premises. The system can also count the total number of people entered and vacated with the help of adding a turnstile at each exit point of the university premises which makes identification of the ones who haven’t left easier thus increasing the university’s security. With that information also, getting the summary of the total people entered the university, per campus, college and year level can be easily generated as a report which can be used as information if needed.

The benefits of the developed enhanced system are faster and easier notification management, better security and improved gate access for monitoring people entering and leaving the premises of each campus. It will give the university an edge also to other schools because of the technology being used.

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