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Family Essay

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I have gathered a lot of information on some family members of mine about their history, things that affect them, and just about them so I could do a family essay. While doing this research I learned so much about where I came from, what each family member has experienced throughout their life, the troubles, the good and bad, the fun and boring things, how growing up was like and so much more! Now I am going to share with you my experience through this and the amazing things I never knew but recently found out about.

Starting out with the oldest and the one that started this family chain, my grandmother Nancy Crawley Salvesen. Nancy Salvesen is 54 her birth place was in Albany New York, to the parents of Rosanne and Stan Crawley and she is the second oldest in her family, having a big brother then fallowing behind her is her younger sister and brother. She is married, to Brent Spencer Salvesen, they have two kids together, Brandon Salvesen being the oldest born on October 1977 and Ashley Marie Salvesen the youngest born on February 1983. She thinks that you need to let your kids have fun and be free but you need to have rules and boundaries. Nancy’s childhood seemed like it was pretty fun! She had lots of friends, her best friend was Becky, and they were friends for 30 years! Still to this day they talk every once and awhile. Nancy has quite the education, she went to Garfield Elementary, Hillside Jr High, Highland High School, and Utah Career Collage.

Her dating was not easy at all, she had hard times finding a guy and one that would even stay with her it was exciting for her of course! But it was too much heartache and trouble then finally her prince came along and now they’ve been married for 37 years! Her health and injuries are off the chart! She has diabetes, arthritis, bad knees, she’s been in a car accident, and has had so many surgeries. Her favorite things are simple but yet amazing. She loves being married and being a mom and grandma which by the way has 16 grandkids! Most of all she loves helping the elderly, she thinks they are so nice and are fun to be around also just loves helping the needy! Finally last but not least. She has traveled been almost everywhere! A couple places would be Wyoming, California, Arizona, Mexico, Spain, Italy, turkey, Florida, the Bahamas and so much more! I would love to travel the world!

Next is my grandfather Brent Spencer Salvesen, married to Nancy Salvesen. Brent Salvesen was born in Salt Lake City he is 54 a little younger then Nancy. His parents are Phyllis Hutchens and Dean Elwood Salvesen. His father was on the intruded boat serving for the navy. He has one brother, two sisters and 16 grandkids! During his childhood he was very active and was always having fun with his next door neighbor Dave, up the street was Jeff and Clayton and his best friend Bob! During his childhood he attended Curtis Elementary, Clayton Jr High, Highland High School where he met his wife, and Tech Collage. His dating was pretty easy and lots of fun! He thought it was new and exciting each time he also had many girlfriends but he finally found the one and wanted to settle down with her.

He has two kids Brandon Salvesen born October 15, 1977 and Ashley Salvesen born on February 1, 1983. He loves kids! He loves raising them his general philosophy about raising them is to let them have fun! Let them enjoy their childhood, just be stern with them. His health though! That is great, no accidents or severe illnesses which is good. Brent has a lot of hobbies! He loves being outside and enjoying nature, from camping, hunting and fishing to golf, water ski, and snow ski! He enjoys being married, having kids and grandkids and traveling. He has traveled almost all of the western part of the U.S. has been to New York, Florida, Mexico, Canada, and even in a different country! He has been all around France. Italy, Barcelona in Spain, Perpignan and so many places. It is amazing.

Last but not least, my mother Ashley Marie Salvesen. Ashley was born in Salt Lake City, her parents are Nancy and Brent Salvesen whom we just got done talking about. She has one brother older than her and five children. She lived in Kerns Utah until she was 10 years old then she moved to West Valley Utah where she had her first kid at the age of 15 so that was really the end of her childhood. It was hard on her growing up and finishing school all while having a baby, she missed out on school activities and things with her friends and when she didn’t she missed out things with her baby especially during school.

During her childhood she attended many schools, she attended Academy Park Elementary, West Kerns Elementary, JFK Jr High, Grantsville High School, West Parenthood, Adult Ed and Cameo Collage to be a beautician. Her dating was easy, she didn’t have a hard time finding a boyfriend she got married at the age of 19, they were married for almost 9 years had two kids together but then got a divorce. She later got engaged to a new guy, a French guy. They had a baby together and she now has five kids. The oldest was born February 1998, the second oldest was born July 2001, the middle child was born June 2002, the last two April 2010 and April 2012. Her philosophy on raising kids is to have patience and communication other than that just let them have fun and find their own identity. She loves being a mom and a wife, that about all she knows because she’s been a mother almost her entire life.

Life for them in their childhoods were a lot different than it is now. For my grandparents Nancy and Brent, there weren’t computers, very little TV’s and if you had a TV there was no cable there was very little channels and it was in black and white, there were no cell phones they had to walk to their friend’s house if they wanted to hang out. There weren’t any video games if you wanted to have fun you went outside and found something to do. Back then in was less people and lower process on everything! Now there’s billions of people and process are so high! It’s hard to get what you want and need now. Life now is more educated and there’s more technology. I would have loved to experience that life time to see how it was. This research paper taught me and made me realize so many things. I hope you enjoyed learning about my family just as much as I did.

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