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Diversity Essays

Benefits of Workplace Diversity

In the 21st century, workplace diversity has enhanced organization performances and communication skills which benefited the organizations to become successful businesses. Increasing adaptability in the workplace, having to value diversity, and executing more effectively are three benefits of workplace diversity. Organizations most definitely have the ability to embrace their workplace …

Incident: The Cultural Diversity Training Program

Cultural diversity is people of varying origins and ways of life living or working alongside in a specific area or organization. Cultural diversity is important to all organizations for many reasons. By having a strong, diverse workforce, barriers to productivity and innovation can be broken. A cultural diverse workforce can …

The Protection of Cultural and Ethnic Diversity - A Common European Value

The European Union is a family of citizens who are fighting to realize nationally and internationally the social cohesion. It is a Europe capable to answer all the challenges and to respect the national and regional identity, same as the cultural inheritance of its citizens. The European citizen should not …

Diversity: "People Like Us"

Part 1: Summary of “People Like Us” by David Brooks People like us is an article about America’s diversity, well actually it’s about the lack of diversity within our diverse culture. Mr. Brooks proclaims that America boasts for being an extremely diverse society; but he shows many examples of how …

Is There Too Much Emphasis Placed On Cultural Diversity

To lack emphasis on culture is to perpetuate the philosophy of single-mindedness and white dominance in our society. In my opinion, our society needs to emphasize culture to a further extent since there can never be too much emphasis on it. The blatant reason why we should accentuate the diversity …

Cultural diversity - Chinese and Filipino

There are many cultures that share similarities and differences in this world. Two cultures that are different in their traditions and rituals, though similar in their sexuality and beliefs are the Chinese and Filipino. Both cultures’ beliefs, sexualities, rituals, values, and traditions have changed over time due to the influence …

Managing Diversity at Cityside Financial Services

The Cityside presents case that deals with diversity management with respect to racially different employees. The diverse nature of employees resulted in dominance of white majority unit, which constitutes to larger portion of accounts brought in banking deposit as well as bringing high account holders and money market accounts to deposits. …

Diversity Training

Diversity training is training for the purpose of increasing participants’ cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills, which is based on the assumption that the training will benefit an organization by protecting against civil rights violations, increasing the inclusion of different identity groups, and promoting better teamwork. The purpose of training is …

Monmouth, Inc

Harry Vincent, executive vice president of Monmouth, Inc., was reviewing acquisition candidates for his company’s diversification program. One of the companies, Robertson Tool Company, had been approached by Monmouth three years earlier but had rejected all overtures. Now, however, Robertson was in the middle of a takeover fight that might …

Comparing Companies Nomura and Lehman

1. What obvious cultural differences between Nomura and Lehman do you see inthis situation? Nomura is Japanese company and Lehman is American company, so these are two exactly different nationalities. Consequently, we can see here many cultural differences. For example, during Nomura’s initial training session for new workers, the men …

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