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Dance Essays

Writing about art is inspiring because here you can write about creative and philosophical thoughts. Dance essays enable writers to analyze live performance regarding the content, dancing technique, styles, emotional messages to the audience. You will have to work with real art trying to understand the hidden meaning which was created by the choreographer.

In this category, you can find dance samples which can serve as an ideal example for your paper. Choose the topic, investigate it thoroughly, and begin the article. It is interesting to write about national and folk types of dances which are intrinsical for specific people. There are lots of sources and references on the Internet on this theme. Your task is to summarize this information and prepare an interesting paper.

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Kaikottikali or Thiruvathirakali Dance

Kaikottikali or Thiruvathirakali is an extremely popular folk dance performed solely by women. It is said this dance is usually performed by maidens in order to attain marital bliss. It is a group dance and is mainly performed on the occasion of Onam and Thiruvathira and is indigenous to Kerala. …

Tchaikovsky Tribute Ballet

Over the summer i visited my grandmother in manhattan, New York. Everybody knows New York for their spectacular shows and events on time square and even on the streets, talent is around every corner there. The third day that i arrived my grandmother and i decided to go see a …

Dance Hall Music

Question: “Dancehall music is corrupting Jamaica’s musical expression and should not be encourage.” Do you agree? Ban, stop orders and incarcerations. Is Jamaica’s music, or more specifically dancehall music, under threat? The musical industry in Jamaica is corrupted by the influence and expression of dancehall music and should not be …

Guidance Speech

To our guests..Mr. Ireneo Dicen, Division Supervisor for Values Education.. Our partners from different Higher education institutions, headteachers, teachers and students…GOOD MORNING….. TODAY, WE ARE PILOTING THE CONDUCT OF CAREER GUIDANCE IN OUR SCHOOL by virtue of DEPED ORDER NO. 25, SERIES OF 2013. AS YOU CAN SEE, WE HAVE …

History of Creative Dance

Creative dance is perceived differently by different sectors of the education system. In many provinces, creative dance is part of the physical education curriculum. More recently, two provinces— British Columbia and Saskatchewan— have considered placing dance under the rubric of arts education. The aspect of creative dance that is emphasized …

The Night We Danced – Short Story Rewrite of “My Papa's Waltz”

            As the tired father sat at the table, he tipped his cup up and finished the bit of whiskey that was left. His long, hard day working in the field showed upon the rough lines in his skin. Upon seeing the young boy, those very lines wrinkled around his …

Dance Interview

When my sister says, “Dance is so in my blood”, she means it. When she dances, she says “It is hard to take your eyes off her. ” Studying in the professional field of pharmacy in the small town of Scranton, she dances every day. Many people of our community …

A Comparison of Japan's Butoh Dance and Ireland's Riverdance

Dance has been a part of humanity since time immemorial.  Ever since the dawn of human civilization, dance has been a part of our lives such as ceremonies, rituals, celebrations and entertainment.  Dances are mostly used in the retelling of folklores and myths.  Before there were written languages, dance is …

The Haka Dance

            The Haka forms a crucial cornerstone of Maori culture. (K.M. Teaiwa) Haka which literally means “fiery breath” has been New Zealand’s national identity. When someone hears Haka he would consequently think of New Zealand and when someone says New Zealand it would mean Haka. Haka is actually a generic …

Summary of Wedding Dance

The Wedding Dance by Amador T. Daguio is about Awiyao and Lumnay, a long married couple from the Mountain tribes. Awiyao is going to marry another woman, Madulimay, because Lumnay was not able to give him a child. Awiyao went back home to see Lumnay because he didn’t find her …

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