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Essay comparing the North and the South

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Comparing, Contrasting, Predicting Write a well-organized essay comparing the North and the South and predicting what you think will happen in the West. Remember that you will be graded on content, organization, and mechanics (grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure). Submit the brief essay to your teacher by the due date to receive full credit. (100 points) ScoreCompare and contrast the northern and southern United States between 1800 and 1850. Write three or four paragraphs about the similarities and the differences between the two regions.

Your essay should include discussions of the economy, social structure, daily life, and social attitudes. In your concluding paragraph, predict how society and attitudes will develop in the West. Which region would the West be more likely to side with on important issues Answer The United States was proud of the strong union they had formed, between 1800 and 1850, the North and the South had many differences. During these years, the northern states and southern states had many differences, these differences become more and more dangerous for our union. As the nation started expanding the more differences occurred.

The common differences between the North and South included the economy, social structure and attitudes, as well as daily life. And the battles both the northern and southern states had to face to succeed in that time. The biggest difference between the Northern states and the southern states was the economy. In the North, there were lots of small farmers, but the North was also becoming more and more industrialized. Also in the north, you would see factorys manufacturing many things that previously had been unavailable, and many employed individuals working hard to create products to fit the growing demand in the nation.

On the other half of America, the Southerners were much more set on farming. Plantations were starting to grow across this land, perfect for growing all kinds of things. Southern economy was mostly rooted on cotton. Large farms were being used as slave plantations. Slaves were beaten and whipped treated so poor. It was hard to find people willing to work as hard as Southern plantation owners wanted, and once they started forcing slaves to do the labor for them, slavery became a big part to the Souths economy.

Southern plantations were filled with terror. On the other hand, Northern states didnt base their economy on slavery. The economy in the North was better and had more hands on the new technology that was founded back then. Where in the south most plantations were worked on by slaves and the slaves had a big impact on the economy in the south. Social structure and attitudes differ in the Northern people than Southern people. Huge Numbers of foreign immigrants were coming and looking for work and a new start to life in the united states.

Some of these individuals could get in right in with the economy and become wealthy, but many others lived with little income. In attempt to find work at the factories immigrants often settled in the industrious north. The social structure of the north was more of a free for all. Many could come settle into the growing cities, and start making a living and starting a new life. Although some individuals had much more wealth and power than other people, each person had an opportunity and could achieve greatness no matter what color or race.

Southern plantations werent nearly as inviting for new workers. The social structure had a very set hierarchy, and it wasnt easy to jump in on top. This was because it was the wealthy that ran the economy and the poor were on the bottom almost equal to the slaves. For both the North and South, it was clear that white people, especially males, were on top of the social ladder. In the Northern states, slavery wasnt present like it was in southern states, and African Americans had more freedom. The north had a better social structure people had more freedom up north than they did down south.

The daily life was very different in the north than it was in the west. The North was home to the many cities along the major waterways of the area. Cities like this often lead to terrible lives for many. The cities were overcrowding which lead to many crimes. Some of the cities had poor immigrants who were homeless that would beg for money in the streets. Others had to spend nights in crowded and dangerous apartments. Daily life for people of the south was much different. Whether you were a wealthy plantation owner, or a worker in the fields, depended a lot on how you were treated.

Slaves were forced from little on to work day by day, and suffer from terrible heat, sickness, and beatings. From the break of dawn up to late into the dusk of night, these slaves labored constantly with almost no breaks. The slave owners didnt live a life nearly as difficult. Instead, they would either hire someone, or go out in the fields themselves, forcing the slaves to work harder and faster. Slavery was a terrible system that became so firmly rooted it was hard to break away from. Heading up to the factories in the North, people also had to work long and hard.

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