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Enhancement of Monitoring System

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The main objective of this system is to enhance the existing monitoring system of the College of Computer Studies to provide more efficient security system for the College.

The specific objectives of this project are as follows:

To replace the existing CCTV cameras with an added feature that is capable of Night Vision and capable of capturing a more quality pictures/videos. To install a Solar Panel that will serve as source of energy of the proposed system.

To add more memory disk space. Enhancing the monitoring system will produce a more quality videos, which will result to a larger size of each.

To improve the safety and security of the students, faculty members and other staffs by means of continuous monitoring within the building premises.

To assist in identifying offenders so authorized people can be notified in apprehending and implementing disciplinary actions to offenders.


The following Scope of the proposed system are: (1) The existing CCTVs will be replaced with new CCTVs that has the following specifications: 600TVL Resolution, Weatherproof cameras for indoor or outdoor use, 120 feet of night vision, and Camera Weather rating IP66 (2) The CCTV will be powered by the Solar Panel for a less consumption of electricity. With this, the CCTV can still work whenever loss of electricity occurs. (3) More memory disk space (1 TB HDD) will be added for storing higher quality and larger size of the captured videos.


(4) The added CCTVs can improve the security and safetiness of all the students, faculty and other staff inside the building because of the added features of each CCTV and by means of monitoring the building 24/7/365. (5) The proposed system is effective and helpful in providing valid evidence if any complain arises.

The following are the limitations of the proposed system: (1) CCTVs that will be installed cannot capture the whole area that it covers because the cameras are fixed and cannot function as a 360° camera.



Foreign Literature
Mr. Morgan stated in the article about Queens Park bridge fire sparks renewed calls for CCTV and wardens in Crewe of , “There’s no protection in the park whatsoever which leaves it open to vandalism, theft and whatever. The park needs CCTV and wardens to help combat the vandalism.” (Ryan, 2012)

Dandeker (1999) regards surveillance as a ‘feature of all social relationships’ that involves the management of information and the supervision of individuals’ activities.’

Local Literature
German and Philippine solar technology developers are pushing for a massive installation of solar panels on rooftops of households, commercial establishments and buildings as these could help ensure the country’ energy security over the long term. (Remo, 2012)

“The CCTV has been instrumental in the solution of many crimes both here and abroad. Pasay’s new policy is in line with our peace and order campaign with emphasis on deterring crimes like burglary, theft and even kidnapping” Mayor Antonino Calixto said in the article ‘Pasay requires CCTV cams in some shops’. (Morelos, 2012)


Foreign Studies
Lyon stated, (1994) ‘in other words, surveillance is simultaneously a means of social control and a means of ensuring that citizens’ rights are respected. As a result surveillance can be seen as the outcome of both the quest of citizenship and of strategies to increase the level of control, having positive, as well as negative, ramifications’.

According to the article ‘Quick Guide to Choosing a Night Vision Camera’, the main criteria for selection of a night vision CCTV camera are: Resolution – This is described by the number of vertical lines the camera can display. Sensitivity – Measured in units of Lux, it describes when the camera will change from day to night vision. Lens Focal Length – A 3.6mm lens will give a 72 deg angle of view so is wide angle. Infra Red Beam Transmission Distance – The IR beam can be thought of as an invisible torch beam.


Local Studies
“CCTV was first utilized by the United States Military in the 1940s. Closed circuit cameras were set up during the testing of the V2 missile in order to safely monitor the tests. By using CCTV, officials were able to monitor the testing at close range without danger, watching out for defects and other problems that might have otherwise gone undetected.” (Aborque et. Al., 2011)

A research conducted by Lucero (2012) stated that ‘One of the most popular Surveillance tools for Schools is the Secure View System. The system transmits images from cameras to a digital hard drive storage system. Output can be seen on a monitor that displays four frames of video or on desktop computer monitors, which are networked to receive video feeds from the cameras.’


In this phase, the proponents evaluated the current status of the College of Computer Studies’ monitoring system in terms of quality of service and its availability. So, the proponents conceptualized some scenarios that would be considered as problems to the current system. The proponents analyzed the possible problems and came up on some solutions which were turned into questionnaires. The purpose of this is to validate the problems and be the basis of the further development of the proposed system. METHODOLOGY

Figure1. Floor Plan (1stFloor)

Figure2. Floor Plan (2ndFloor)


This is a type of a research instrument that plays a big role in the completion of the project. Survey questionnaire will serve as the proponents’ decision support for the said project. It does consist a series of questions for the purpose of gathering information from respondents. This technique also helps the proponents to identify the existing problems on the current system by conducting surveys. Because of survey questionnaires, the proponents can develop decisions that will be beneficial to intended users.



This is a method which helps the proponents gathered data via the internet. With the help of the internet, the proponents came up with different kinds of information that they needed and helped them to acquire more information that are dependable. It also helped them find the devices and materials that are required on making the system.



This method will also help the proponents on obtaining detailed information about observations and thoughts of an individual regarding a certain topic or subject in a one-to-one conversation. It will also be a useful method in investigating issues in a more complex way.



This method was one of the most convenient methods used by the proponents. Because of this, lots of information was gathered by the proponents. The proponents found some related literature and studies that really helped them. And also, they found the documents of the existing monitoring system of the College of Computer Studies (Evaluation of the Surveillance System for the College of Computer Studies). Because of this, the information that the proponents want was accomplished and the proposed project was understood in a more comprehensive approach. METHODOLOGY

This method helped the proponents to identify and classify the problems of the locale. Having direct observation, the proponents observed the process of the proposed system and formulated its strengths and weaknesses. Through this, the proponents will formulate a more convenient monitoring system that will be used to increase the benefits of the people, especially the students inside the building.


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