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Egocentric Thinking

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            The first news article on egocentric thinking was about a rapist named Benjamin William Ainsworth who will serve a 15-year sentence. He allegedly raped two women while he faced a third rape case and a sexual assault against a teenager. Ainsworth believed that he can only boost his self-esteem by submitting to his sexual instincts, in this situation, raping women. According to him, consensual sexual behavior was boring him thus he succumbed himself to more “exciting” sexual acts. He even fantasized about raping women one after the other. Doctors said that Ainsworth was a pathological narcissistic and egocentric. Proof of this was his intense admiration for Arnold Schwarzenegger. This case showed that Ainsworth’s thinking was egocentric because he only selfishly thinks of himself and his own satisfaction without considering the needs of others. He was confined to his self-interests and made himself “center” in all his decisions regardless of its effects on other people. Critical thinking was not applied effectively because he wrongly used his belief system to the extent of causing harm and did not guide his behavior towards more fruitful outcomes.

            In the second article, author Marc Levitt spoke about the modern-day society which according to him has been afflicted by egocentric and materialistic people who value fashion and trends rather than enhancing positive human values. The present culture has been influenced intensely by the media and it seemed like people consider media their “god.” Standards of living today are based on what is shown on TV and what is considered “cool” and “in” even if such beliefs are phony and shallow. Thinking today is indeed egocentric because people tend to be self-centered without respecting others. The “me first” mentality discussed by Levitt is practiced regardless of the feelings of others. Critical thinking has failed in this case again since the present society is close-minded and thinks only of themselves without attempting to understand the situation.


Fewster, S. (2008). Egocentric rapist wins appeal against indefinite detention. Retrieved October 15, 2008, from http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,22606,23362513-2682,00.html

Levitt, M. (2004). Superficial modern society plagued by egocentrism, materialism. Retrieved October 15, 2008, from http://www.statenews.com/index.php/article/2004/06/superficial_modern_society

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