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Effective Medical College Diversity Essay

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When I was about ten years old, several boys approached me, they started to laugh and pointed at me. I couldn’t understand what was going on: was something wrong with my black curly hair, was my dress torn? But everything was worse than I supposed. One of them shouted out: “Look at her, she is so weird, she is a black alien.” I began to cry and ran away to my orphanage where I lived. My teacher saw me crying, I hugged her and retold the story. She smiled a little bit and said: “My dear Emily, you are not weird, keep in mind that the fact that you have another color of skin is not your weakness, it should be your strength.” From that time I made a resolution that I will never let anyone laugh at me or consider me as someone weak or bad.

At school, I was the only one black child, and I can’t say that teachers or classmates treated me bad. I just sometimes felt that they considered me less intelligent than white people. Whenever I wanted to go to the blackboard to solve a difficult chemical equation, teachers would look as if they didn’t notice my raised arm. I could always feel that presumption of intellectual inferiority. I was the only one girl in the class who knew the answer, I received the highest mark, but the majority would look at me astonished as if it was impossible that a black girl could be smart and endowed. To be honest, I didn’t care a lot. I spent lots of time studying to show everyone that black people are just like others and they can also become straight A students.

During the school time, I met a lovely girl whose name is Carrie, and we became real friends. She is white, but the question of race has never occurred between us. We met each other in the library when we were looking for the same book. We spent lots of time together and understood that we have so many things in common. The way Carrie approaches studying appeals to me, she is studious and responsible, she knows her goal and comes to it closer step by step. Carrie has written lots of poems and posts them in the juvenile website. Carrie essay teaches that people should contribute the diversity in our world because it is significant that each of us shows what you have unique and never hide it. This idea appeals to me, and I always try to communicate more with people who have different worldviews, representatives of subcultures such as the Goth culture, because it is what makes you unique no matter what the society says. Reading her diversity essay example inspires and motivates me.

When it was the time to choose which college to enter we both decided that medicine is that sphere which appeals to both of us. I like professions which make a difference in this world, and a doctor is such a job. If I enter the medical college, I will show everyone that black people are not a small colored community which should put up with insults and prejudicial treatment. The values diversity important factor is an inevitable part of each college and university. I am sure that I will do my best to get scholarship and the medical college will become my second home.

I don’t have family, and I even don’t know who my parents are. I was raised in the orphanage, and my nearest and dearest were my teachers. Being younger, I hoped that my parents would find me and take me home. Now I am older, and I understand that I am totally alone without even the hint where my relatives can be. But it doesn’t make me weaker, I suppose, it encourages me to help others not to lose their parents. I want to cure people whose relatives are waiting day and night in the hospital corridor for this miracle healing. I hadn’t got a chance to live in the family, and I know how hard it is. I will do everything so that people will never lose their relatives because of inadequate medical treatment. I want to be their magical doctor who works wonders and fights the incurable ailments. I know it sounds impossible, but the more doctors and patients are convinced on the subconscious level that everything will be fine, the higher chance to recover is. I adore reading and watching scientific films about cancer treatment which is based on the placebo effect and conventional therapy. I do believe in science, but I also believe in the strong emotional influence on the patient.

I hope that my attitude to medicine will be encouraged in the medical college, and I am ready to share my belief with group mates. The diversity broadly influences everyone due to the fact that most genius ideas can be born only in the environment of people with unique personalities, individualities who offer various ideas. And the more versatile the group is, the more interesting it is to study and work. You can use other’s opinions and mix them with yours to create something new and extraordinary. From my perspective, medical breakthrough should be made within such surroundings what makes you feel necessary and special.

I can’t say that my personality has unique features of character. I am just like an ordinary perseverant girl who aims to become a doctor. What makes me special is not the color of my skin, is not the fact that I am an orphan. I hate when people pity me for these things and give me preferences. I have a strong character which is the most significant spur in my life. I know how to study efficiently and use my knowledge in practice, I am good at Chemistry, and I had the highest scores at school. I know how to get what I want and overcome all the difficulties.

My life taught me that no obstacle is ever insurmountable and if you are circumspect and goal-oriented you will be able to move mountains.

While people may have identical features of appearance, their characters will always differ. Even twins are never the same in their behavior. Honestly speaking, none of us is a representative of one specific ethnic community, each of us is a blend of different ethnic group. The whole idea of racial constructs is based on bogus scientific identifiers. Each of us has different genes, just some of them are dominant. I don’t know who my parents are, maybe, my mother or father was white. I don’t know, and it is not essential, the external characteristics are nothing more than covering which doesn’t identify who we are. I think that the society shouldn’t be only like-minded and that versatile community is a key to the world development.

I want to share my knowledge with others; I want to become an example for others, and teach that no matter which features of your appearance are considered by the society not typical, it is not the reason to think that you are weird. Our world is an abundance of vivid personalities, and it is perfect if we can share and discuss various ideas. As my teacher from my childhood memory taught, being not like others is just a great opportunity to show how special you are in personal identity and diversity of the whole world.


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