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Douglass Example

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Slaves didn’t know their mothers or birthdays. Assess the impact on their mental well being? Care of the mother for the child’s future character formation, have a decisive role. The slaves don‘t know their mother, so they don’t get good care. Slaves don’t have a sense of identity for self because they don‘t know their birthday. It is easy to hurt them as a person’s sense of belonging. Slaves needs their mothers to be their directors.

Slavery degraded master and slave. Masters derived pleasure from abusing chattel. How would this behavior contribute to their diminished humanity? 400 years of the slave trade, but estimates of slaves brought to America Africa about 12 million to 30 million. Africa continent as a whole, the slave trade population loss, at least about 100 million people, equivalent to 1800s of the total population Africa.

Did Southerners treat their slaves well? They loved to sing. What was Douglass’ perception about the songs? Southern slave owners treated their slaves no good. Most of the slaves worked in the plantation. The slave was born black leaders – Frederic, said in his autobiography, the average person is happy, when the slaves sing songs of grief and sadness. Or sing particularly desolate feeling very warm tone; or with a very bleak tone singing especially fanatical feelings; every note, every word of the lyrics express suffering slaves filled with sorrow and grief.

Who is Austin Gore and his maxims? What did he do to Demby? Why? Gore’s punishment? Austin Gore is the new supervisor in the big house. Mr. Gore is ambitious, first-class supervision, he is cunning, cruel. He will be looking for reasons to punish those slaves. Ensure that all slaves afraid of him. His motto is “‘This is better than a dozen slaves under the lashes suffer, than when the supervisor should be convicted of negligence in the presence of slaves.” Mr. Gore was killed Denbigh, he is a slave. Because the board did not listen to Mr. Gore than warnings. This is not the Denbigh had treated, he should not be killed.

Assess: “was worth a half-cent to kill a nigger and half-cent to bury one”. What does that reveal about the worth of a slave and their life? Slave labor is no freedom can be random killing or slave trading. Absolutely can not refuse to obey orders, can not have people. In the eyes of the slave owners, they only represent money and working tools. Can not even be regarded as a person.

Who were Mr. and Mrs. Auld and what great revelation did Douglass discover while in Miss Sophia’s care? Was she sincere? Her husband’s response & why? Mr. and Mrs. Auld are the new owner. Patrick has brought him to them. By Miss Sophia care, Frederick found that if he wants to be a free man, he must learn to read and write. Miss Sophia never owned slaves, before she married Hugh. She believes that slavery should not. She even taught Frederick how to read. But her husband, but her husband was angry because he thought slavery slaves not only need to learn to obey the master’s commands. Once the slaves have the knowledge, they know how to resist.

Discuss Douglass’s view concerning education? How did her pursue it? Why? Frederick believes that education is an important step to become free. He has not given up learning, no matter how many times in combat. He believes that there is knowledge to be able to save themselves, to save others. Has the power to abolish slavery.

Was Douglass a religious man? Support your position with Douglass’words. He is a Christian. He was opposed to religious discrimination. He advocated blacks had their own churches, clergy until the blacks and whites sharing in the Church. In slavery, white people trying to Christianity for black, Christian spiritual transformation of black people enslaved tools, combined with traditional African religions. Create your own spiritual world, in order to develop a unique black religious culture. Frederick believes in the existence of God, preached equality and love, all people should be able to have.

15. Edward Covey had a reputation. What was that reputation and how did he earn it? A snake? Thomas can’t stand, the Douglas to Edward
Covey, let Edward rebuked Douglas. Edward was a cruel man, he will be whipped slaves. Douglas often give some difficult work. Douglas Covey believes that Christianity is false. Edward tried to deceive himself and God, he is a true Christian, but some of his crimes, he is a sinner. Later, Douglas and Edward fighting since then, Douglas began to flee. Finally, Douglas became a brave man, Edward is just a useless owner.

Did Covey break Douglass’ spirit? How was Douglass reborn? Why was it a turning point? When Douglas was born into slavery, grew up in the South engaged in heavy slave labor, torture, several times nearly lost his life. However, his strong will in difficult circumstances, assiduous self-culture struggle. Slaveholders see good discipline, he handed him over to a special tame slaves and whites – Covey discipline. Douglas decided to revolt after being repeatedly beaten severely beaten discipline who scared the other no longer afraid to fight him.

Christmas was an unusual time on the plantation. How so? What was the intent of special treatment meted out to the slave? Many, but not all, the owners give the rest a day or more slaves at Christmas time. Some also provide them with sufficient amount of food. Some people also through the dissemination of certain slaves, allowing them to visit relatives who live in different places. Slaves are pleased at that time.

Describe Douglass’s life in Baltimore. How was he received in his job there and why? When Frederick came to Baltimore, he thinks this is a new beginning. He went to a new home, has a new owner. Auld wife good for him. He was very surprised, because he had never treated so well. He wants to clean the house and take care of the children Mrs. friendship – Thomas. Auld wife taught him how to read. He was very happy to work hard and study hard. Later, Mr. friendships knew him to learn how to read, he was very angry. Tell Frederick can’t learn, or send him back to the big house. Frederick sad, but he did not give up.

What subterfuge did Douglass use to gain his freedom? Describe the drama of his flight. Mr. Auld let Frederick wandering around Baltimore, but they are familiar with the city, so he will know when they need him to do errands. Then save his money. His friends help, disguised as a sailor to escape through the Underground Railroad, and finally break the shackles of slavery. New Bedford and his new wife settled in New England, began a life of ordinary workers.

How did the community of New Bedford react to the arrival of Douglass? Could he work in his trade? Explain. He and his new wife, Anna Miao Li, settled in New Bedford, and began a life of ordinary workers. Later, in his excellent manners and social etiquette lecture shattered African-Americans are “timid” impression. Eloquent analysis of slavery of sin, he quickly earned a reputation.

What to the slave is the Fourth of July?
National Day for the North Americans, or white for the United States , is happy , proud . However, for black slaves in the South , the country is meaningless to them , because the country is not their state does not fulfill its “Declaration of Independence ” in the ” born equal ” promise ; millions of slaves , still in chains and lower whips miserable life. Therefore, with a south Douglas slavery in the festive crowd, issued a condemnation of grief sound totally incongruous . Speech beginning, he told the audience : “I am with you with a sort of desolate mood to talk about different national day , I do not celebrate being in the ranks , the more you expose towering independence just between us is difficult . gap measure “he said in a speech repeated use ” we ” ( black slaves ) and ” you ” ( whites ) concept, stressed that the U.S. Constitution in the north and south regions are severely fragmented : .” ancestral justice, freedom , prosperity and independence rich heritage is enjoyed by you, without our part . “

As the experience of deep , so the speech Douglas particularly strong and sincere feelings . At that time , the northern states abolitionists established a Republican , extensive abolitionist movement . But Douglas does not appreciate , because freedom of black slaves , not given , but the natural rights . If the American people do not have such a consciousness , then , was given the freedom is still unequal , hypocritical. American slavery escape from lawful presence in the Declaration of Human Rights , described the American system itself hypocrisy. He wants criticism , is this hypocrisy – “America’s past is pious , today is the pious, the future will still be sanctimonious hypocrite Today, with God and bloody slaves oppressed stand together , I want to shame . in the name of human rights aggrieved to freedom in the name of Phi flail with handcuffs , I ‘m with the most severe tone questioned and cast aside all the things to make slavery to survive – ! America’s sin and shame ” such profound language, resounding will undoubtedly cause a strong shock the audience , but also easy to cause some centrist accidents and dissatisfaction.

These speakers have been expected in advance . So we listen to him and said: ” But I can hear someone in the audience said: Just because you talk in such a tone of slavery , so you with your brother abolitionists not leave a good impression in the public mind , if you more debate and less rap, a little advice, a little less condemnation , the possibility of your success will be much greater . ” such objections about relatively common at the time , so most concentrated Douglas lecture topics, is refuted this view. He set up a series full of logical rebuttal asked , noting that there is only one prerequisite for debate – unless you also need to prove that black people are also human beings – which reveals the absurdity of slavery and the essence of humanity , but also refuted under the influence of white -centrism for the fallacy of the abolitionist movement. Douglas stern look after rational , emotional vortex remains back to sincere language , warned citizens before : in their nationwide celebration of laughter , but he heard the wail of millions of people are !

“If I forget it all , if I do not faithfully remember these bloody kids sorrow ” , ” easily their grievances behind , to follow the theme of the National carols , it means that the most outrageous and furious rebellion , which will make me in front of God and the world have become sinners . ” Douglas this speech , with deep and sincere feelings language beginning in the middle of the most high-pitched , was the harsh criticism of reason ; finally Youyi emotionally touching way , the end of the speech. There are distinct emotional catharsis rational spirit guide , and profound rational criticism , and resides deep rich emotional language, sharp , true righteousness , captivating. This speech , showing the speaker brave face the truth , but also shows its cowardice and beyond commonplace great personality , therefore , can be so hit the hearts of men

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