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Distinguishing Generation Gaps

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There are several ways to make distinctions between generations. For example, names are given to major groups and each generation sets its own trends and has its own cultural impact. Language Use

Generations can be distinguished by the differences in their language use. The generation gap has created a parallel gap in language that can be difficult to communicate across. This issue is one visible throughout society, creating complications within day to day communication at home, in the work place, and within schools. As new generations seek to define themselves as something apart from the old, they adopt new lingo and slang, allowing a generation to create a sense of division from the previous one. This is a visible gap between generations we see every day. “Man’s most important symbol is his language and through this language he defines his reality.” Technological Influences

Every generation develops new slang, but with the development of technology, understanding gaps have widened between the older and younger generations. “The term ‘communication skills,’ for example, might mean formal writing and speaking abilities to an older worker. But it might mean e-mail and instant-messenger savvy to a twenty something.” People often have private conversations in secret in a crowded room in today’s age due to the advances of cellular phones and text messaging. Among “texters” a form of slang or texting lingo has developed, often keeping those not as tech savvy out of the loop. “Children increasingly rely on personal technological devices like cell phones to define themselves and create social circles apart from their families, changing the way they communicate with their parents. Cell phones, instant messaging, e-mail and the like have encouraged younger users to create their own inventive, quirky and very private written language. That has given them the opportunity to essentially hide in plain sight.

They are more connected than ever, but also far more independent. Text messaging, in particular, has perhaps become this generation’s version of pig Latin.” While in the case with language skills such as shorthand, a system of stenography popular during the twentieth century, technological innovations occurring between generations have made these skills obsolete. Older generations used shorthand to be able to take notes and write faster using abbreviated symbols, rather than having to write each word. However, with new technology and keyboards, newer generations no longer need these older communication skills, like Gregg shorthand. Although over 20 years ago, language skills such as shorthand classes were taught in many high schools, now students have rarely heard of or even seen forms like shorthand. Language Brokering

Another phenomenon within language that works to define a generational gap occurs within families in which different generations speak different primary languages. In order to find a means to communicate within the household environment, many have taken up the practice of language brokering, which refers to the “interpretation and translation performed in everyday situations by bilinguals who have had no special training”. In immigrant families where the first generation speaks primarily in their native tongue, the second generation primarily in the language of the country in which they now live while still retaining fluency in their parent’s dominant language, and the third generation primarily in the language of the country they were born in while retaining little to no conversational language in their grandparent’s native tongue, the second generation family members serve as interpreters not only to outside persons, but within the household, further propelling generational differences and divisions by means of linguistic communication. Lets Bridge the Generation Gap

What is the generation gap? We can find the answer in a dictionary: Difference in attitude, or lack of understanding between younger people and older people. We can see that there’re two points in this definition. First, difference. What kind of difference is it? Between generations we can find differences in culture, differences in the roles of the society; differences in living styles. The old like traditional culture while the young long for renewal. The old want their children to act as they wish while the young want to walk their own ways. The old are fond of recollecting while the young are looking for-ward to the future. The old live a traditional serious life while the young prefer a modern style.

There are so many differences between generations because each has a different deposit of culture and experiences. To some extent generation gap has become a social problem. Yet we find it absolutely difficult to solve because there’s no way to smooth away these differences. Many people think that generation gap is a modern phrase. But the great philosopher Socrates three thousand years ago al-ready gave his description of the young in his society. He said, “They have no manners at all. They despise on the authority, contradict their parents and beat their teachers. They devour the food ravenously and talk on and on leaving no chance for the other to speak. “Thus it can be seen that the generation gap has a much longer history than we thought.

But I think we still have a way to bridge it. Do you remember the second point of its definition? Generation gap doesn’t come from differences between generations, but results from lack of understanding between them, and mutual understanding depends on how well two generations communicate. It’s a pity that we don’t have enough communication now. But I think the most terrible thing is not this but our ignorance of communicating. And I can take our daily life for instance. On the one hand, many parents try to provide good living environment for their children. But they only want their children to study well and seldom want to know what they’re thinking about. On the other hand, the children are always complaining about their parents but neither do they want to understand their parents.

Do you think communicating between generations is difficult? I don’t think so. Remember how you made your first friend? Open your mouth the strangers will become friends. Use your tongue we’ll know each other better. And in this way the generation gap can be bridged, I am sure. Just like it was sung in an old song: “Open your heartland the key is in your hand.” Understanding Generation Gap

Generation gap is nothing but certain psychological and emotional gap between parents or elder people and the younger ones. Bulging generation gap creates misunderstanding and lack of attachment between the parents and children. The success of parenting lies in how effectively they avoid the generation gap or ignore the differences with kids. Generation gap is the result of the fast paced development of the society. In earlier times two or three generations live in the same lifestyle and environments as the development was so slow. But today, nearest past is very much outdated and the world is more advanced each day. Parents do not even know many of the modern technologies and equipments children use. Tips for parents to cope with generation gap

Being up to date is the only way to cope up with the generation gap. When you are asked a doubt by your children, and if your answer is that you do not know, then you may be counted an outdated man or person of the gone age. To avoid this situation, try to be current and updated with information and technologies. Never make your kids feel that you think in some old fashion. When children express their feelings, understand them in the modern world context. Certain things considered a taboo have been changed into socially acceptable in the modern world. Many parents do the mistake of evaluating children by comparing their age with that of parent’s when he/she was in the same age. When a parent was in fifteen, he/she might need a bicycle, but their child of same age may ask for a motor bike. Understanding the requirements of time and lifestyles of modern children will help evaluating children and taking right decisions without making kids feel you an outdated parent. Make friendship with them instead of being rude parents.

Let them express all their feelings to you. This will help in both the ways. You can cope up with the generation gap by learning the feelings and requirements of the children and also guide kids if you feel that they are mislead. Friendship with kids will help you to maintain the smooth family relationship. From deep friendly attachment with parents, kids will learn to respect them and obey them. In fact, there are no global standards of attitudes. Different people may have different attitudes. People of same age may exhibit different attitudes. But, when such difference in attitudes come under one roof, then it affects effective communications and active relationships. Knowing it better is the right way of avoiding it. The world is a smart world today, being smart enough to cope up with the modern world will help parents to be equal with the younger generations. However hard parents try to be like younger generations, they can never become exactly equal, but can cope up with the newer generations and dismiss the possible issues generated out of generation gap.

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