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Development Of An 8 Year Old

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At the age of eight a child’s mind develops many ways, including many language skills that help them develop into an adult. At the age of 8 children love to play games with words and know how to spell many words. Even though they can spell many words, they don’t necessarily know what they mean. Children in there school age years enjoy having fun and showing others what they can do. In the 3rd grade, boys and girls are able to classify items that can be put in distinct categories. They can number, relate and can explain in words what they are doing and why. Children learn new words through many ways, t.v, books, conversations with others, school atmosphere and the family environment. At the age of 8 more children are adapted to spoken language rather then written language, just because they are influenced very much by television and the media.

Childrens mental growth begins at the age of 6 and in some 7. Children at a 3rd grade level dont need to be motivated to learn, because they themselves are so curious that they are willing to try new things. To an eight year old relating means that he can touch certain things, feel and see and has personal meaning. Eight years old tend to be creative in art and will experiment when it comes to drawing and other ways of showing there talents. They understand the concept of time and can understand it more when its compared to something they can relate to, like a seed turning into a flower.

The moral development of an 8 year old leans towards the rules of behavior, reward and punishment. They know the difference between right and wrong. They assume that they will get something for a job well done and most 8 year olds dig for praise. They know that if something wrong is done a punishment of some sort usually follows right after.

Patrick loves to involve himself in many activities that help him develop cognitively. He loves to read books, learn new words and drawing. Patrick loves to draw people and animals and colors well in the lines. When Patrick has done something wrong he knows that he will get grounded. When Patrick does something right like in school he gets an allowance that he can spend anything on in the variety store. Patrick knows how to tell time and owns his own watch. Patrick knows how to count to 1000 in english and in french he can count to 100.

Physical development is very important in 8 year olds. Hygienic routines helps a child feel and become more independent. Eights year olds have good bathing habits and some are more independent earlier then others. Parents like when there children bathe at least 3 to 4 times a week. Most eight year olds aren’t too fussy about their necks, ears and or back, just because they can’t see them Most eight year olds, mostly girls wash their hands before meals as a reflex action. Many eight year olds dress themselves with lots of speed however don’t like having their clothes chosen for them. Much eight year olds are past the bed wetting stage, however the few that aren’t it is just caused by immaturity.

Good nutrition habits help a child develop a healthy diet for an active body.

Eight year olds can not tolerate ordinary foods, but need a little color that will attract them. Certain foods like milk and chocolate can cause hyperactivity, and learning disabilities. Having a good food supplement such as vitamins, minerals and other substances, will improve their behavior and healthier as well as happier.

Eight year olds seem to be moving towards adult hood. They look more mature and are becoming more co-ordinated when it comes to sports. Eight year olds are very nosey and want to know everything that is going on. A child at the age is increasingly aware of himself as a person and is becoming more self conscious about his or her own appearance. When a child gets something wrong, they tend to get very frustrated Gross motor activity is a characteristic of an eight year olds play.

Patrick has good hygienic routines. He brushes his teeth at night with no complaints and takes a shower all by himself. Overall Patrick is a clean boy who doesn’t smell. Patrick loves to eat all sorts of foods and especially sweets, which results in his many cavities. Patrick eats vegetables and his favorite ones are broccoli and cabbage, which contain a lot of vitamins. Patrick eats the daily recommended foods and loves to drink milk.

A childs social and emotional development goes through many stages that may make the child seem younger, which is completely natural. A perfect example are fears which children have. Most eight year olds are afraid of bedtime. They believe that there is something in their closet and fear shadows. Most children outgrow these fears, after they begin as early as 6 or 7. Another common fear amongst eight year olds is that their mother will leave. A child becomes really dependent on their mother that if she were to leave the child would feel lonely and unloved. Children usually get over the worrisome seven year old stage before they fall into the clinging and demanding stage.

A childs life is very much influenced by his family and friends. They like having people around them and they enjoy there company. Any child growing up in a single-parent family may do well to survive emotionally, and still having the luxury of having his stage more recognized and respected. If an eight year old was brought up just by a mother is most likely to grow up more emotional then a child who is raised in a two family environment. Friendship is a strong concept amongst eight year olds. There is much less playing with children of the opposite sex, however children play better with children their age and same sex.

Patrick has only one fear and that is the fear of the dark. Ever since Patrick has been a small kid he has always been afraid that there us something hiding in the closet and it will come at night and eat him. Patrick loves his family very much and his favorite is his aunt, Iwona. She has been a big influence on this child and he looks up to her a lot. Patrick has a lot of friends and gets along with them very well.

Patrick has been raised by a single mother, which has resulted in him being very emotional at certain times.

Kohlberg is a child psychologist who focused his study mainly on the moral development of children. It occurs in stages, the preconventional with pleasure and pain and the conventional stage where children care what others think and desire to please others and relate to their culture. Also includes the post conventional stage which a child can comprehend and process more abstract moral and ethical principles. Kohlberg theory is based on Piaget cognitive theory. He believes that the higher levels of moral reasoning are impossible if the person has not reached the higher level of cognitive development. They cannot make moral judgements beyond their ability to learn. The preconventional stage is focused towards eight year olds.

Decisions about moral problems are motivated either by fear of punishment or desire for reward. Kohlberg stage theory is in levels and age 8 falls under level I. It is to avoid punishment, be rewarded, get something in return and get even or get a head.

Patrick is a vary stylish child, who cares tremendously what others think of him. Patrick tries to behave and however when he does disobey he knows a punishment will come right after. Patrick tries hard at everything he does and loves to be praised and get something in return for everything he does.

Jean Piaget’s theory is based on concrete operations and the certain kind of mental operations that include classifying objects, numbering, locating things in space under various conditions and relating things in different ways. Children can understand complex categories of relationships within families and knows that one person can be a sister, daughter and mother all at the same time. During the first stage, children know the sense of right and wrong, rules made by adults. The second stage is morality of co-operation. They develop mutual respect and co- operation among children . A child who is in this stage generally considers a persons intentions more important then the outcome of a situation.

Patrick knows the difference between his colors and can distinguish between dark and lights. Patrick knows how to count to 1000 and can distinguish between numbers, colors and right and wrong. Patrick gets along well with his friends and treats them like he would want to be treated.

Erickson, another child psychologist believes that children fall into different stages. Age 8 qualifies for stage 4, “industry vs. inferiority”. It is the stage where children learn to make things and make them together. Children master what they do. A common fear amongst children during this stage is a fear of not being able to do enough or not being good as someone else. Children become more involved in learning and can relate to others in the same stage. Children strive to accomplish something and be better then everyone else. Fear of inferiority is founded on the knowledge that he or she is still a child and is incompetent, and a fear is lacking certain abilities to completer successfully in the adult world. Children love to take the responsibilities and privileges of the adult world, however he or she wishes to retain the atmosphere of childhood. Inferiority becomes reinforced during the school aged years when the child believes that they cannot succeeded or accomplish as much as they expect of themselves or as much as is expected by school, family and peers. Children in this stage learn that work is worth wild as well as meaningful. Children learn self discipline and learn to get along with others better.

Children need to be praised, because if they are not they will feel a sense of failure, which could result in dishonest ways to compensate for their lack of personal achievement. The most positive influences come from a childs family and praise reinforces a sense of success.

Patrick is a pretty confident kid and is positive about everything he does and feels good about himself. Patrick tries to be better then others through his play and when it comes to his sense of style in the wardrobe. Patrick likes to learn and enjoys math, science and playing with blocks. Patrick has always been praised for all that he does, which overall has made him a happy and positive kid.

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