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Deming’s Fourteen Points

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Quality Management is key for any organization to be successful. From the very bottom of an organization were someone is handling mail, to the CEO running the show quality management is key in all aspects and areas. Dr. W. Edwards Demings had a vision to transform organizations based on a 14 point plan. The goal of his theory is that the points be applied to any organization. In the end, the plan is to improve and control the quality in an organization. Demings points are listed as the following, create a constancy purpose, adopt a new philosophy, Cease Dependence on Inspection to Achieve Quality, End the practice of awarding business on the bases of a price tag, Improve constantly and forever the system of production and services, use training on the job, implement leaderships, eliminate fear, break down barriers between departments, get rid of unclear slogans, eliminate management by objectives, remove barriers to pride of workmanship, implement education and self-improvement, and make “transformation “everyone’s job. So with listing the points, what exactly do they mean? Hospitality leaders should try and apply these points in their operations.

The point addressed below are my interpretations of the meanings based on a lodging facility and my experiences. Create constancy of purpose towards improvement within an organization means to plan to the long haul. Organization should be looking to making things better for the whole existence of an organization, not temporary bouts of quality. No organization should be stagnant on quality, individuals should be looking for ways to constantly improve to make things better all the time. In the lodging business, owners are constantly striving to improve their business. With improvements come more business and with business comes more revenue. Adopt new philosophy begins with management. Management needs to set a clear vision and what the direction should the company be going. If there was unexpected changes in the organization, management needs to take an active interest in the best interest of the customers. Cease dependence on inspection to achieve quality means to stop depending on inspections to determine the quality of work. In all organization inspections has plaque most departments, the focus is always to pass or find mistakes or wrong doings.

Once the fault is found, management usually finds a temporary fix. Why not eliminate the whole process of getting inspected, if we just put more effort of quality into work. If everyone is doing their job to the best of their abilities, then the requirements for inspections could be lowered. End the practice of awarding business on the bases of a price tag means, if you found a good thing keep it. A big mistake organizations make are changing suppliers, the reason why management makes these changes are for cost concern, cut backs, and budgets. Doing the research on the product, before purchasing, and considering the cost to your company in the long haul. Improve constantly and forever the system of production and services is by far in my opinion the most important point. No organization perfect, and will never be. Striving for perfection should be a goal. That means organization should constantly train and empower their employees. With empowering their employees organization should highly encourage any kind of education, whether it is within the company or in their personal life. Institute job training, to assist your employees to be successful within the organization.

Set the standard with training, and ensure that employees are on the same page. Once they are on the same page, encourage them to learn from one another. Let them know, how they fall into the vision of the company, and explain their roles and how their roles fall into the vision. Institute leadership leadership doesn’t not mean just taking charge. There is a lot of characteristics that goes hand in hand. Being a leader encompasses getting to know your employees, finding out what makes them tick. Leaders knows what is required of their employees and their job. It is the responsibly of management to make sure their employees are working up to their full potential. When people come to work, they should expect to work in a non-hostile environment. Employees should not be afraid to express their concerns with the fear of reprisal. Deming’s point on drive fear out addresses those concerns for organizations. From experience, there has always been an animosity between departments. Instead of working as a team, there tends to be more competition between shifts or departments. Employees should be working together versus against each other. Deming’s point on knocking down department barriers address the issues and how to overcome them.

The lodging industry is a big puzzle, each and every department supplies pieces to complete it. To complete this puzzle the organization needs a clear direction, and letting each department and employee know their purpose in the vision, and that they are a valuable asset to the organization. Getting rid of unclear slogans will solve that issue and guarantee success within an organization. Eliminate work standards (Quotas), it is believed that worrying about the numbers versus the quality can hurt a company or organization. When management is only worried about numbers, the people below may be force to sacrifice the quality of work to make sure the numbers get done. For example, at the Air Force Inns I used to work for, required to inspect 1 to 2 percent of the total amount of room every week. Depending on the base populace and rooms at the facility, that can be pressure on the quality assurance person to get those numbers. With that pressure, one could ignore the quality in the housekeeping of the room, so that they can meet the numbers. To eliminate work standards management should look at the work load, and determine a better course of action, so they will be able to maintain the quality in the rooms Removing barriers that rob employees of pride of workmanship, can be a difficult task when dealing with people.

The gesture may not be done on purpose, but it happens quit bit in the lodging. The focus on the quality of life for customer comes before the employees. Management needs to make sure that they are taking of their people. It can be agreed upon, that people produce quality work when working in a positive environment. If that environment is positive, they take pride and ownership in the work they produce. To assist workers continuing the pride in workmanship, employers should ensure office equipment is in working order, and supervisors are on the same page when conducting business.

Education and training should be continuous in any work center. Management and first line supervisor should encourage employees to take advantage of every training and educational opportunity. It should be emphasized how important it is, and how it can assist them in climbing the corporate ladder. Management should have a training program in place, to schedule employees for those opportunities is possible The main focus in the end, is to work to accomplish the transformation. Making sure everyone in the organization is working towards the vision of the organization. If employee’s quality of life is good, and they feel like they have a purpose. They will follow the company’s direction to success.


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