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Decleration of Independence and the Declaration of Rights of Men

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The Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of the Right of Man and of the Citizen both differentiate from each other, and they are similar in some parts. The Declaration of the Right of Men and of the Citizen focused more on the rights of men. The Declaration of the Rights of Men and Citizen lists the rights of the common citizen and what the government cannot or should not do. It tells that the French want a new form of government. They were not breaking away from their country; they were breaking away from their king and old form of government. While the declaration of independence focused on the rights of all people. The Declaration of Independence was written to declare independence from Great Britten and start another, completely separate, country.

The Declaration of Independence, which stated the faults within the monarchy and how it mistreated the colonies, was a document that established a split between England and the American Colonies. The Declaration of Right of Man stated the rights that should and need to be given to men within the country it did not provoke a call for independence between two separate lands. Both The Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Right of Men stated ‘All Men are Created Equal.” The declaration of independence stated “All Man are created Equal”, to assure that Men get unalienable rights and among these are “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. The Declaration of Right of Man stated that “All Men are created Equal” because the ignorance, neglect, or contempt of the rights of men were the sole causes for corruption of the government. Both the Declaration of Independence and The Declaration of Right of Man chose to give rights to Men. (Declaration of the Rights of Men-1789. Artical 1.) States that “Men are born and remain free and equal”. . “All Men are Created Equal” can be found in both two documents because the purpose of the two documents was to emphasize that there was no divide between rich men and poor men.

The Declaration of independence happened because colonists were not getting rights from the king. This led them to right a complaint and later on separated from the power of a monarch. In the other hand, The Declaration of Rights of Men was also written to gain rights, but they did not want to separate from their monarchy. People of the Declaration of Rights of Men wanted to have a new form of government. Many enlightenment thinkers influenced both of theses documents.

The Declaration of Rights of Man was influenced by many Enlightenment thinkers. Jean-Jacques Rousseau influenced the Declaration from his ideas of individualism and the Social Contract. Baron de Montesquieu philosophy of separation of powers also contributed to the Declaration of Independence. Both the Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Rights of men were some what alike and they were also deferential in some parts. They both wanted Rights and equality. They were also different because the Declaration of Independence wanted to separate from a monarchy while and the Declaration of Rights of men wanted to in better their government. These documents were both effective because it led to a revolution. There was the French revolution were people were getting sick of the government and there way of ruling. There was also the American Revolution were people were not getting rights and were getting high taxes. Eventually both of theses document accomplished what they were trying to do, showing how effective it was.

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