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Cycle Of The Infantryman

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The Cycle of the Infantryman applies to fire and maneuver for a combat element. For example purposes the buddy team will be our combat element and a static enemy position (e.g. bunker) will be the target. The phases of the cycle are SHOOT, ASSESS, MOVE, AND KILL. The cycle may loop until there is no longer an enemy threat or until target position is gained. The following is a break down of each phase. -SHOOT

During this phase of the cycle a base of fire is established along with identifying the enemy capability. During this phase the object is to suppress the enemy for maneuver. As an example this is when a Marine may use a frag grenade to eliminate/shock/suppress the enemy position. -ASSESS

In this phase the Marines will assess the effectiveness of their suppression/grenade while putting heavy fire on the target. This phase should take a Marine extremely little time. If the effects were good on target, the Marines will move into the next phase. -MOVE

During this phase the Marines will maneuver on their target. A Marine will announce that he is moving the other will acknowledge and pick up his rate of fire. The moving marine will move in the direction of the target. If necessary he may find cover between the target and his buddy, reload as needed, and pick up the rate of fire. The second Marine will acknowledge that the first Marine is establishing suppressive fire and move onto the target. -KILL

In this phase the Marine on target is EXPLOITING the effects of the grenade/suppressive fire. He is eliminating the enemy and securing the objective while assuming a firing position down range if necessary. He is then communicating either verbally or through suppressive fire for the other Marine to move forward.

When attacking a defending enemy position Marines will maneuver onto the target to eliminate the enemy or to secure the position. To do this the Marines will establish fire superiority on target. Once fire superiority is gained the Marines will move into the cycle of the infantryman to close in on the position. The Marines will suppress the target, asses their suppression fire effectiveness and move to the target. When the Marines enter the target position they will clear the structure/bunker/hole, eliminating the threat. The Marines are able to do so by EXPLOITING the enemies weaknesses/hesitation/disorientation.

There are many ways to be the cause of the “gap” in an enemy defense. Marines may use a larger weapon emplacement such as a machine gun. Also Marines can use a grenade or HEDP ammunition to destroy enemy equipment, kill the enemy, or at the minimum concuss them to cause a large enough lapse in orientation for the Marine to move into the enemy position. At this point the Marine will use the lapse to take the target, during this process time has priority as the speed of the Marine and the hesitation of the enemy determines the outcome. The Marines will repeat the process to push forward or hold the position depending on the mission.

In combat a highly effective weapon for suppression and maneuver is a well placed M67 Frag Grenade. The frag grenade has a kill radius of 5 meters and a casualty radius of 15 meters. A frag grenade is useful to kill, wound, shock and distort the line of sight of the enemy. When used properly in combat the frag grenade can be the turning factor in the battle and assist in establishing a forward or perpendicular base of fire to further eliminate the enemy defense. The correct way to initiate and use a Frag Grenade is explained below. A Marine must always remember that communication with your buddy team member is pertinent before movement from cover or the use of a grenade A Marine in the buddy team will announce that he is going to use a grenade.

The second Marine will pick up his rate of fire and acknowledge the first. The grenading Marine will announce “Prepping grenade!” the second Marine will acknowledge. The grenading Marine will announce “Turkey Peak!” and only after the second Marine acknowledges will he move from cover to view his target. The grenading Marine then removes the safety devices from the grenade while keeping positive grip on the grenade spoon and announcing these steps, “Thumbclip, twist pull pin!”. The grenading marine will announce “Frag out!” THEN throw the grenade. Both Marines will immediately seek cover.

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