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Culture values and preferences may affect working practice

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Explain what is meant by: Diversity Means accepting and respecting that each individual is unique and recognizing every individual’s differences. These differences can be race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs etc.

Means equal rights for everyone regardless of their differences. quality is When everyone is treated the same.

Everyone has the equal access to any service for example, on a bus there are spaces for wheelchairs “buggies, seats Where they easily accessible without any steps and there are also seats at the back of the bus for riders the mobility to sit Souses also have a fold out ramp for any wheelchair “buggy so that the bus is more accessible for them.

An individual is treated differently, usually less favourably then another person because of their characteristics, for example Disability, age, gender, race and so on.

Describe the potential effects of discrimination
Individual could have a low Self-esteem due to discrimination which could later lead to depression. ‘hence someone is treated differently because of characteristics they could become stressed and even turn to drastic measures to change themselves, Whether that is surgery, Weight loss “gain or Withdrawing themselves from society. (if an individual Was to Withdraw themselves from society, they could develop a fear of reaction.

Because they are being rejected from society they could also become angry and believe that it is their fault they are being discriminated against, if the discrimination continued, they could even begin to take it out on themselves by self-harming Which in long term could drastically affect their health.


Describe key legislation codes of practice relating to diversity, equality, inclusion discrimination in adult social care settings There are various pieces of legislation in place to promote equality  diversity reduce discrimination. These include- The disability discrimination act, The special educational needs disability act, racial relations amendment act, human rights act 1334, sexual discrimination act also the national minimum standards and codes of practice set out by various governing bodies.

The aim of these legislations are to promote equality of opportunity for all regardless of race, age, gender, sexuality, disabilities or any other differences. The legislations should have an impact on the Way organisations provide organise their services, the Way the care Workers and practitioners approach their practices. (If these legislations and standards are always adhered to then this ensures all the service users are treated With the same levels of care * no preferential treatment is given to any individual.

Explain the possible consequences of not actively complying with legislation codes of practice relating to diversity equality inclusion discrimination in adult social care setting. The possible consequences of not complying With legislation and actively complying With legislation and codes of practice relating to diversity, equality,and discrimination in an adult social care setting are disciplinary action, dismissal, legal action being brought against care staff, Workers or the home and the possible closure of the home

Describe how own beliefs culture values and preferences may affect working practice. Everyone has their own beliefs, culture, values and preferences. That we believe in is what we find acceptable as an individual and is an essential part of who we are.

Then working as a care Worker it is important that own beliefs, culture, values and preferences do not affect their practice as they could give their opinion and even may force their own acceptable opinion and behaviour onto the service user. Regardless of care Workers beliefs and opinion, they must ensure that they provide the same quality of care and support, regardless of whether they agree for example, if a service user wanted a certain call time so that they could prayer and the agency did not respect this, this would interrupt their prayer time.

Describe ways to ensure that own interactions with individuals respect their beliefs culture values and preferences.
It is important that When care Workers interact with clients that they respect their beliefs and life style. For example at Christmas time, it is important to alter your approach as some may celebrate Christmas With decorations to make their home feel festive and engage others into the :Christmas spirit’.

Whilst some care Workers may enjoy the festive atmosphere, their next client may be of a different religion and do not celebrate it. so a carer We must do Whatever We can to make these clients feel as comfortable and happy With their situation as possible, if a client does not celebrate this public holiday, it is important not to push them into participating With the Christmas theme. If they do not celebrate Christmas because of their religion, it is important that the carer does not say anything that they may find disrespectful by their religion, beliefs and culture even though may find it acceptable. To avoid the conversation of Christmas.

I could ask them about their religion and learn about what they believe, this would give more topics to discuss, creating a better relationship between myself and the service user, Which Would makes the client more comfortable with the care they are receiving.

Compare inclusive practice with practice which excludes an individual Inclusive practice gives an individual more confidence in the care that they were receiving, it gives them the option to have an input with the care they are having as they are being given the opportunity to do so .In the long run, this could improve the service user’s health as they Will have confidence in the carers.; practice that excludes the service user could have consequences on their own health, for example if they spoke English and Were provided With a care Worker that spoke and understood poor English could result in them not being able to communicate, from What they Would like for dinner to Whether they are feeling ill and may need to see a doctor meaning that their health could deteriorate.

Describe how to challenge discrimination in a way that promotes change. If it was to Witness a discriminatory incident, could address the situation by reporting it to the Manager or a senior member of staff and recording it properly.

By doing this it makes it more likely that the situation with be dealt with appropriately and quickly. If it was to overhear someone making a discriminatory comment, or speaking badly of equality or diversity, could challenge them calmly and professionally by explaining that what they are saying is unacceptable and explain why myself and others could be offended by their Words. If an individual was speaking badly, it could be dealt with by issuing a disciplinary, further training on equality and diversity could be issued to improve their knowledge and widen their view on quality, diversity and inclusion.

Explain how to raise awareness of diversity equality and inclusion. Our awareness could raise awareness by providing training and having private or group discussions, this is a great Way to raise awareness in any Work settings, having discussions among staff play a huge role to raise awareness. The more staff engage in the discussion or undertake training Will determine how aware they are and how they will be able to put it to use in their everyday practice.

Explain how to support others to promote diversity equality and inclusion. Our awareness could support others to promote diversity, equality and inclusion by giving leaflets out with information, in a domiciliary care setting, you could give these to staff, clients, client family members so that you could all Work together to promote equality.

To ensure staffs have knowledge so that they can promote and put it into practice whilst working, the employer could provide more training. So a company, they could also give more policies to staff when they receive their employee handbooks, code of conduct and code of practice

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