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CRM AIr India

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An aircraft fatal accident had occurred on 25 April 1980. It happened in a forest on Tenerife’s mount La Esperanza. Flight 1008 need to fly from Manchester Airport, United Kingdom to Tenerife North Airport, Canary Islands, Spain. The aircraft flight deck crew had made a mistake when they executed an unpublished holding pattern with the wrong altitude resulted in the aircraft destruction. It also cause death of all passengers (146 on board). The aircraft that involved in the crashed named Boeing 727-46 jet aircraft operated by Dan Air Services Limited. In the airlines history this was the worst accidents.

The official (Spanish) investigator made a assumption that the main reason of the accident was caused by the pilot error. Due to the pilot unawareness of the altitude at which he was flying, the aircraft was too high and thereby failed to maintain safe height above the terrain. British addendum to the report earnings that tardy and ambiguous commandments from air traffic control. The addendum also cured that the unpublished track onto which the aircraft was manageable compulsory tight turns to be flown. This is evident from the mistakes of communication between air traffic control and pilots. Pilots got the wrong information from what air traffic control has given and ultimately caused a huge crash. Since the aircraft was not published on which runway to land, although without mistake from any party, this accident is inevitable.


In the new year, on January 1, 1978, about 3km from Bandra beach, Mumbai, a flight was scheduled for flights carrying passengers, Air India 855. A major accident occurred at that time. The accident has claimed the lives of all passengers and crews totaling 213 as a whole. Until the airplane of Charkhi Dadri in 1996, It was the most powerful flight accident in India, and was still the second most powerful one behind the last crash.

Boeing 747-237B with VT-EBD registration number named Emperor Ashoka is the plane involved in the accident. In April 1971, it was the first 747 scheduled to Air India. The 747 was scheduled to fly from Sahar, Bombay Airport, which has now been refurbished, the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, which goes to Dubai International Airport destination.

Cockpit voice recorders can be found after the accident occurred. The cockpit voice recorder has revealed that the pilot of the plane had left a verbal comment on the recorder. The comment left on the recorder is an indication of his ‘shifting’ attitude. This is because it still shows the plane in the correct bank. In the instrument panel between the two pilots, Boeing 747 had a third indicator of attitudes and a cockpit conversation transcript proved that the flight engineer might have tried to direct the captain’s attention to a third attitude indicator. It is also possible to other instruments called turn and bank indicators, before the aircraft affects the sea, only five seconds left.

Perceptions made by pilots are wrong about the behavior of the aircraft. This resulted in the pilot having used the aircraft flight control system just to add more left bank and left steering. This has also caused the Boeing 747 aircraft to lose its altitude quickly. The jet struck the Arabian Sea at the corner of the nose dropped 35 degrees, only 101 seconds after leaving the runway. Between 190 passengers and 23 crew members, no one can be saved. Due to the irrational control input by the captain, the crew failed to fully control based on other flight instruments. This is the result of an investigation that has made a summary.


The CRM element that can be associated with the case is like an element in communication. As we know, one of the major causes of this major accident is the loss of communication between pilots and air traffic controllers. It is possible that on behalf of air traffic controllers, air traffic controllers have provided false information to pilots, or air traffic controllers provide information that is not clear and inexplicable by the pilot well. On the pilot’s side, it is likely that the pilot took it easy with the information it had given him, or that the pilot got the correct information from the air traffic controllers but had interpreted it to the wrong information.

There are many ways to avoid such things happening based on the elements of communication in CRM. As the first example, air traffic controllers need to communicate with pilots with clear and easy-to-understand conversations. This is to prevent the pilot from hearing wrong information. As pilots should also provide feedback to air traffic controllers so that the air traffic controllers know that the pilot has received the correct information. Clear and easy-to-understand conversations between pilots and air traffic controllers are very important in order to prioritize security and avoid misunderstandings that can cause accidents.

On the other hand, it is about making decisions and leadership. this accident occurred probably from an unpredictable pilot in making his own decision. The pilots are also likely to have no inner instinct of leadership in leading himself to perform a brilliant task. This should not be the case for a pilot. As a good pilot, he needs to have a leadership attitude in himself to motivate himself in doing the job to be better. One of the pilots also needs to make the right decision based on the situation that is confidently confident without any sense of doubt. The decision made must be correct and can give good results to all.


The CRM element that can be attributed to Air India case studies is like an element of awareness of the situation. As we all know, this element is very much worthy of concern over the other elements. In this case, the awareness of the situation has been experienced by the pilot. This is related to the attitude of the pilot who is ‘shifted’. The pilots had miscalculated the indicator of the airplane. Positive indicator of performance may indicate on the left bank and say that his indicator has fallen. The pilot said that the two indicators showed the correct bank.

Furthermore, other CRM elements that can be attributed to this case study are teamwork. In this case, aircraft engineers have tried to help the pilots by trying to direct the pilot to turn his attention to the third indicator of the attitudes or other instruments in the cockpit. In addition, the leadership qualities shown by the captain of the aircraft are also linked to the CRM element of leadership. In this case study, the captain tried to correct the situation and solve the problems he faced. The captain has decided to use an aircraft flight control system. Though the captain’s actions were wrong, but he had tried to correct the situation and had shown a positive attitude with leadership to himself.


Based on this case study, I will describe the emergency plan that needs to be done for each character when I am in that character. In this case study, the characters involved are pilots and air traffic controllers. When I was in a pilot’s situation at that moment, that in the current situation the plane was unable to maintain the height of the flight in that flight.

I will immediately make an emergency call to the party who is supposed to inform me about the problem I am facing. I will choose to make an emergency landing. I will send the location of my airplane to the air traffic controller for me to get information from him where I can do the emergency landing. I will ask all passengers to calm down and do not panic. Once I get the exact location of the air traffic controller, I’ll do it soon. This is because of the rescue of all passengers on board. After I landed my plane safely, I would make sure all passengers were able to get off the plane safely. I am the last person to leave the plane.

Next, when I was in an air traffic control situation, when I wanted to manage the air traffic on the flight. First of all I will communicate with the pilots by providing accurate and accurate information to pilots about air traffic. I will act as soon as possible from time to time providing accurate information. When the pilot encountered anxiety problems in the air, I would continue to communicate with the pilot as soon as possible to find out what was happening. If traffic in the air is not safe, I will tell the pilot about it. When it comes to problems and pilots need to make an emergency landing, I will find a safe place and can be used as a place for the plane to make an emergency landing.


Based on this Air India case study, I will elaborate on the emergency plan that every character involved when I am in that situation. The characters involved in the case study were pilots and aircraft pilots. When I am in a pilot’s situation in this case, I will immediately act on an emergency plan. Between the emergency plan that I will do is initially I will contact the air traffic controller to inform him of the situation I am facing.

Then, I will use the existing skills in me to restore the situation. if I fail to do so, I will immediately seek help from the base. I will inform the passengers that it is always quiet and not to panic. If it is desperate, I will immediately make an emergency landing in an airy space and is suitable for me to make an emergency landing. This is because to ensure all passengers are safe.

Furthermore, when I am in a situation for an engineer in the case, I will act on an emergency plan. Between the competency plan that I am going to do is, I will immediately assist the captain to restore the situation by the way I will rectify any technical issues. I will always tell the captain about his technical and developmental issues. I will communicate with the captain so the captain knows about the condition of the engine or the like.


As we know, there is a lot of the way that we can prevent the situational awareness when it happened between the pilot and co-pilot or the flight crew. We must improve our survivor and our mindset. People did not know what will happen on all the time because it very difficult thing for people to think about it especially when in stress or when had any problems. The first step is we must know all the important elements in the case.

Begin with caution and commitment to deal with the various situations and elements around us especially for situations that threaten and can kill lives. Then, develop the elements to the opposite, which is against the harmful thing. This is the most basic thing that can help us. We need to know the situation with environmental factors and so on. With the skills available will help make things better. Accurate understanding of what had happen in the future and what will happen around you is the situational awareness.

When something happens, we must know the facts and let more proficient people know about it. This is to prevent us from falling into the unwanted things. If we can and know to manage the situation to be better then do it and if not leave it without any problems. Safety is important at this time especially when operating a plane. To solve the problems that arise and manage them, we need to calm ourselves and be confident of what we are going to do. Avoid ourselves from arousal feelings such as stress that contributes to frustration and loss.

Typically stress is caused by things that give us a lot of pressure as slowly as possible to reach the destination, passengers who will be disappointed, problems with ATC whether in terms of communication or unacceptable ATC to the airplane like want to land or take off and many other reasons that can cause stress . Talk to yourself to make the right choice and be confident with what we are going to do. Make sure the problem will not be worse as it should maintain the height and orbit in a safer flight or deliver control to autopilot control. Before making a trick, be sure to think about what will happen in the future as a result of your actions.

The pilots need to know all about the aircraft and understand them more thoroughly. Among the important things that one pilot needs to focus on is the speed of the plane, its position, its height, the direction of the wind, the direction of flight taken, the weather forecast, the air traffic control relaxation, all the elements of emergency and related elements. As a pilot is very important for him to collect the available information. The pilots need to get a wide range of information from many aviation related sources. This includes an aircraft such as the position of another aircraft, current and future weather, and navigation. In the airplane it should be noted as well as about the passenger’s welfare, fuel economy, engine conditions and all instruments. This is because it guarantees the safety of all parties in a flight.

Understanding a situation will make things better. Using the information that has been collected to form a mental picture. For example, pilots fly on their stage in a straight path, at the same time another aircraft is flying in the same path in the opposite direction. The pilot would use more fuel than what was needed at that time. It is clear that passengers will not like the agitation that is being experienced. The future status projection is like knowing about future elements such as weather related to weather. For example, making a decision quickly and precisely in relation to what a pilot wants to do to deal with an upcoming problem.


Cooperation in a team is very important in an organization. Every member in an organization needs to play a very important role in giving high commitment to other members. Organizations that practice cooperation in one team will get better results compared to organizations that do not practice the cooperation. To make this team work in a perfect and perfect way, the many challenges and obstacles that must be faced and endured.

The key factor that makes the team the best is the commitment the team has made to the team in training and the entrusted belief that teamwork is the team’s key strategy and the key to success. With the development of a very successful team training program is CRM which is very helpful. CRM is highly praised in the aviation industry because CRM is the most effective way to be practiced by every community, especially those who work in aviation.

Among the challenges that need to be overcome in teamwork is the same as the disagreement between team members. This is because one member disagrees with the opinions given by other members. This is often the case because each member wants to issue their opinions but is not agreed upon.

To avoid such a thing happening in a team, every member should always be open-minded and need to instill humility in the heart. Bad attitude such as ego, selflessness, ignorance, and bad luck to others is strongly discouraged for such feelings in a team. Each member needs to speak well and make decisions as a result of the consent of all parties. Each member should be divided on the level of cooperation rather than just expecting one person to make all the work.

Each team member has the advantage of doing his or her own work. as our members need to help one another in distress. For example, we can not complete the work we are responsible for, other members who know to finish the work need to help with open hearts. This is the same when it happens to other members. If one of the members can not complete the task assigned to him for a specific reason, we as a team member who is concerned must help him if we know to do the job. This will further strengthen the relationship of fellow members in the team.

Attitudes such as doing work with imprudence will have a bad impact on a team. This is because, they may think that they just have to do their own work without having to ignore others. Working attitude with no passion to do it should be avoided at all to be within us. Before the occurrence of undesirable occurrence is very necessary to overcome it first. As an example to overcome it is that every member in the team needs to embark on a leadership attitude. If there is a leadership attitude in each member then everything will work well without any problems. This is because the attitude of leadership can help each member to be more responsible in doing his job. A good impact will be manifested as a result of the leadership shown.


Overall, what I can conclude is all about CRM training. All the aviator must always practice about the CRM training. It is clear that CRM training is very effective and has a great impact on an aviation industry that practices this CRM training. There are nine elements of CRM that must be practiced is communication, teamwork, leadership, workload management, situational awareness, decision making, crew stress, crew fatigue and crew personality. So, what I can say is if you want to a real aviator, you must learn and practice about CRM training.

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