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Craze of MOdern Gadgets

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In this new era of science and technology, we have incorporated technology into our everyday lives. In fact, we can’t live without electrical appliances that we call our necessities. Modern gadgets like television and computer provides various advantages, such as greater access to information and more compelling presentation of that information. The proliferation of these gadgets can influence lives in both positive and negative aspects. There are many advantages of modern gadgets such as:-

1.They provide a faster way to search for information (via Internet) and sometimes a more effective way of learning (via educational computer programs). 2.They have facilitated the communication between people while on the go. Moreover texting as brief messages allows people quickly exchange their views without face to face (or) telephonic conversations. 3.We can also do online purchasing and banking via Internet. 4.These gadgets prepare students for globalized world where computer literacy is must. 5.Such gadgets help students if they have difficulties and give them recreation also. 6.We can get E-tickets for railways and airlines reservations. 7.Gadgets like washing machines, vacuum cleaners and other gadgets had made our lives easier and comfortable. There are also many disadvantages of modern gadgets such as:- 1.Students are becoming lazy and losing interest in their schoolwork. 2.Addiction to these modern gadgets has disrupted the learning of the students and caused sleeplessness, thus slowing down their thinking ability. 3.Extensive use of internet and video games can lead to social isolation, even depression and increase in stress level, thus facilitating in appropriate behavior. 4.Scientists have linked a rise in Attention Deficit Disorder with increased use of such gadgets. 5.Extensive use of cell phones while driving can lead to accidents. According to a research, 30% of traffic accidents occur due to people talking on cell phones and texting messages.

So, at last I want to conclude that if we use these gadgets in very large quantity, one day will come when all the work will be done by these gadgets and all of us will laze around and will be miserable. So, we should avoid overuse of these gadgets. Thank You and Have a Nice Day

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