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CP Computer-based Quizzes Exams

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Every time a teacher gives a quiz or an exam to a student, paper is being used. In this society, today, making things easier and solving problems more efficiently with the use of technology is what people are aiming to accomplish. Digitization of processes is also changing the way people interact with the surroundings including how learning and education are being passed to the next generation.

Some schools are using automated systems for managing its processes, still, not all aspects are reached when it comes to automation and one of this is how teachers let their students answer quizzes and examinations. Tibag High Schools are still using manual system by giving quizzes and examinations to students in the form of a questionnaire printed on examination papers or the question that the teacher will provide, will be answered and be written on a piece of paper. Creating problems and questions every time a teacher will give an exam requires extensive effort as well as checking of multiple papers of the students and recording them individually. Notification to parents regarding their children’s quiz or examination score is not present also.
To cope up with the problems stated above, the researcher came up with the idea of developing a system entitled “Computer-based Quizzes and Examinations with Student Profile and SMS Notification for Tibag High School” to automate the school’s manual process of giving quizzes and examinations to students.

The purpose of this proposed system that will be developed by the researchers is to help the school to automate its process of giving quizzes and examinations to students to a computerized system. With the proposed system, the creation of problems and questions that will be provided by the teacher will be made easier. Checking and recording scores will be automated as well as generating required reports for scores and tracking student’s performances. There are also instances that students a required to pay for the exam, with the proposed system, this situation will be avoided. Cheating can be eliminated as well because the questions that will be given to the students will be randomly-generated based on the inputs of their teacher for that exam. The questions and examinations that are made are also stored in a database where it can be retrieved or updated and be used again if needed so the need to create a new set of quiz or exam is disregarded. Updates to parents every time their children finished taking a quiz or exam regarding their scores will be sent to them using SMS.
With that said, both the students and teachers will benefit from the system with its fast and efficient automated processes that the school will be greatly affected and increase its performance and competitiveness to other educational institutions.

The general objective of this project is to design and develop a system that will ease the manual process of the school to an automated process. The proposed system entitled: “Computer-based Quizzes and Examinations with Student Profile and SMS Notification for Tibag High School” which the study targets to achieve the following:
To design and develop a Computer-based Quizzes and Examinations System with Student Profile for Tibag High School.
To automate the manual process of taking quizzes and examinations.
To automate the manual process of checking quizzes and examinations.
To automate the manual process of tracking the students’ personal information.
To automate the manual process of tracking the students’ performance.
To generate student reports.
To notify parents/guardians with SMS.
To be evaluated by IT experts.

The system will only be used offline and it has three types of user accounts. First is the admin who is authorized to manipulate and generate all of the system’s functions. Second is the teacher who is responsible for adding questions, sections and subjects and also for generating scores and student reports. The third and last is the student who will participate in the quizzes and examinations. The system also has a student profile for tracing the student information. The system is capable also to notify parents/guardians regarding their children’s quiz/exam score using SMS.
Since the system is intended only for computerized quizzes and examinations, it doesn’t have functions like attendance monitoring, faculty and student portal.

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