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The main factors that drive demand for tooth brushes in rural India are Awareness, Affordability and Accessibility. 1. Oral health care awareness (Awareness)
2. Amount of Disposable Income (Affordability)
3. Price of product (Affordability)
4. Frequency of use (Awareness and affordability)
5. Firm’s brand awareness
6. Distribution to the market (Accessibility)
7. Strategically, how should Cottle-Taylor attempt to influence the demand for toothbrushes in rural India? The Indian population is divided into rural (64%), semi-urban and urban consumers. Since 80% of population lives on less than $2 per day (and do not use a toothbrush) and 50% of the population is not concerned with dental problems, the pricing and awareness plays a crucial role in advertising strategy. 4 out of 5 consumers continue to use the toothbrush past 3months. The advertising marketing strategy should

1. Influence consumers (rural) to brush for the first time
2. Increase the incidence of brushing
3. Influence urban consumers to upgrade to premium products. Implementation of the advertising campaign-

Ad Campaign 1 – “Brush for the 1st time” Influence the consumers to brush for the first time- Since Bollywood film stars and cricketers reach majority of the population, the advertising campaign should include them to spread the awareness and influence the first time users. This should include TV, radio and newspapers. The distributors and retailers should be incentivized with discounts to promote the distribution to local market. Ad campaign 2- “Brush twice a day” and “Ditch after 3months” Allocate budget to hold campaigns in schools and dental offices to spread the awareness of increasing brushing incidence. This campaign targets the semi urban and urban markets. This should include road side billboard, TV, radio and newspapers.

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