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Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures Argumentative

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The Egyptian and Zulu myths are the ones that are going to be talk about in this paper. At the beginning of both myths the worlds were dark. In the Zulu as mention it was dark. No man or animal could be seen, the only thing that was seen was a seed. This particular seed “sank into the earth” and from there long reeds began to grow from it. These seeds were called “Uthlanga”, which means the source of all things.” Out of this seed one reed began to grow and this grew into the first man and he was called Unkulunkulu who was the creator of all things. When became grown he was too heavy for the reed so he fell to the earth.

Unkulunkulu walk up and down the earth noticing that their other men and women forming from other reeds. According to this myth all the living things that we see today Unkulunkulu created. Unkulunkulu taught all the men and women how to care of themselves and others. Unkulunkulu sent out this chameleon with a message, the chameleon took so long that is when he sent out this lizard that arrive at the village with the message “that his people will never die”. After the message was deliver death follow.(bigmyth.com)

At the beginning of time in the Egyptian myth which had name of Nu which was the dark. Atum came out of the waters and who create himself with his thoughts and will. Atum created a hill because he had nowhere to stand, he was the only person in this world, he wasn’t male or female. He only could see the universe with one eye, and with his shadow Atum produce a son and daughter. Then Atum spit out his son who he named Shu who was the God of air. After his son he “vomited up his daughter” who he named Tefnut and she was the Goddess of mist and moisture. Shu and Tefnut were given the responsibility of separating the confusion/disorder into law. This disorder was turn into light and dark, this was set into place. The order that that was put into place was called Maat. “Maat was a feather; it was light and pure.” The son and daughter of Atum produce Geb which was the Earth and Nut the sky.

Together they were tangled one. The God of air which was Shu pushed Nut up into the heavens. In order for them to fulfill their responsibilities they had to be apart. In order for Geb grow things on earth Nut produced rain. “As the sky, she gave birth to the sun every night before dawn, and by day it would follow its course over the earth and die at sunset.” There were gods produce by Shu and Tefnut such as “Isis, the queen of the gods, Hathor, the goddess of love and beauty, Osiris the god of wisdom and justice, Seth, the god of evil, Thoth, the god of wisdom and Nephthys the protectress of the dead.” The order that Maat sit was still out separate according to his liking. The son and daughter of Atum was lost in the waters of Nu at one time, he was so scared that he lost them that Atum sent out his seeing eye throughout the heavens and earth to search for his children.

As they return with Atum seeing eye and he saw that they were not harmed, he was so happy when saw them again that he cried the tears of joy. And these tears of joy from Atum which hit the earth they became the first men. These men had to hold the truth and responsibility that Maat put forth as the laws. There tasks were taking of the earth by doing all the things that Maat had sent forth them to do and most importantly worship all the gods. With these men doing that the gods protected them and their love ones that they had created. From these were the first men created on earth. These two started out in the dark then they came into the light.

Big Myth. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.bigmyth.com

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