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Comparision Of Araby And Young Goodman Brown

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Reality The two stories “Araby” and “Young Goodman Brown” have many points in common as well as differences. These stories deal with the realization of growing up or realization of the truth. James Joyce shows the maturing of a young boy into a man. Nathan Hawthorne tells about a man realizing the facts about his surroundings and himself. The reality of the character circumstances hits then both toward the end of each story. Comparing and contrasting the stories is shown in three main points: setting, anger, and realization.

The setting of “Araby” is North Richmond Street and the town flea market, also named in the story Araby. This is described as a quiet cove to the reader. The only time where there seems to be movement is when the school lets out during the day. The children on the street are always looking for action or excitement to provide relief from the everyday bore. “Young Goodman Brown” is told from the Salem Village and forest where Brown takes a journey. The street is just as dull as Richmond Street without the pretty head of Faith peering out towards Brown. Faith gives the dark street some light from the eyes of Brown. The forest is given the symbol of a place of extreme evil and darkness. Also, realization comes to Brown in the forest. These two settings in the stories both give a grim cold feeling to the reader.

The anger of the two characters comes out at the ending of the stories. The young boy becomes angry at himself because he was naïve towards his relationship with Mangan’s sister. He thought he was going to win her love by going to Araby and bringing her a “trophy.” Then later while at Araby he has the realization that she could not be interested in him like he had hoped for. He learns this by observing an older boy and girl talking in a way that she (Mangan’s sister) never talked to him. Young Goodman Brown becomes very resentful at society as a whole. He grows mad at society as a whole because he feels somewhat cheated. He learned in the forest that people are not good or evil but can have characteristics of both. He never does realize that he has evil in him just as everyone.

The realization that both characters experience comes to them late in the stories. The boy in “Araby” understands his situation with the help of the couple flirting in the town. He, in turn, becomes mad for allowing himself to even fantasize the idea that Mangan’s sister would like him. This seems to happen to all people in their transition from childhood to adulthood. Young Goodman Brown has a realization in the forest by observing the people in the forest. This causes his anger towards society. After he attains this knowledge he does not have the same trust for his wife as he had previously.

The stories “Araby” and “Young Goodman Brown” have similar and contrasting qualities. The journeys, anger and setting all have common grounds. Both of the stories, for example, take place during the evening. Both of the characters experience change in one form or another. The idea that everyone grows up at different times is proven within these two stories.

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