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Cognitive changes

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•Decline in attention span.
•Memory loss.
You know that age-related changes in the elderly may influence cognitive functioning.
Name and discuss one.
•Forgetfulness is one of the biggest age-related changes in the elderly. Mentally active people do not exhibit the same decline in memory functioning as their aged peers who lack similar opportunities to flex their minds. This sometimes can be attributed to social or health factors but can also occur because of certain normal physical changes associated with aging.

3.You understand that other disorders may have presentations similar to dementia. Identify


Identify six patient behaviors you would associate with depression.
•Eating Less
•Sleeping Less
•Calling in to work often
•Going to doctor for aches and pains often

5.What patient behaviors would you associate with delirium? Identify four.

6.What are the behaviors associated with dementia? Identify four.

7.You know that there are four main types of dementia that results in cognitive changes.
List three of these types of dementia.
•Lewy Body Dementia

8.How can the level or degree of the dementia impairment be determined?
•The progressive nature of symptoms are described in stages 1-7 from no apparent symptoms-severe cognitive decline.

9.What neuroanatomic changes are seen in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease?
•Acetylcholine alterations, plaques & tangles, head trauma, genetic factors. 10.A number of diagnostic tests have been ordered for K. B. From the tests listed below,

Which would be used to diagnose dementia?

•Mental status examinations
•Toxicology screen
•Mini-Mental State Examination
•CBC with differential
•Thyroid function tests
•Serum B12
•Bleeding time
•HIV screening

Case Study Progress

K. B. was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia.

11.List at least four interventions you would plan for K. B.
•Provide safety measures for K.B.
•Allow a timely manner for K.B. to complete tasks
•Frequently orient patient to reality.
•Do not ignore reports of hallucinations when it is clear that the client is experiencing them.

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