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Children Should Not Be Spanked

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Spanking is the method that parents use the most when they hit their children with the intention of disciplining them. Spanking is still widely accepted in American society, which renders a controversial issue. There are two groups with opposing views on spanking. People who opposed to spanking believe that spanking is poor parenting that can cause negative effects on their children. Others, on the other hand, insist that spanking can be a practical and effective punishment. On this issue, I strongly believe that parents should stop spanking because it is not an effective means of disciplining their children’s misbehavior, and it causes many problems.

The first reason that parents should not spank is “inherited behavior.” Spanking teaches the wrong lesson to children that it is the only solution when there is a problem. Young children, especially toddlers, spend most of the time with their parents at home. Parents are like teachers and they set rules for what a child should not do at home. Children learn everything from parents by watching, listening and imitating. When they misbehave, they get spanked. From this practice, they accept spanking as the only solution for correcting misbehavior. Thus, there is a great possibility that they will grow up to be a spanking parent.

Second, spanking is violent and it is not humane. Spanking results in poor self-esteem and depression. After being spanked, most of the children say that they hate their parents and feel unloved. Most parents probably agree that hitting a small child is unfair because the child is defenseless. Moreover, when a child is hit, it even makes the child feel as though he does not deserve any respect or appreciation.

Lastly, spanking could cross over to child abuse. Supporters of spanking say that it is ok to hit a child with one’s hand, but on what part of his body is it ok to hit him? If hitting with hand is ok, there would be a possibility that they would use objects such as a belt, a cane or a stick. It is difficult for some parents to know when to stop spanking, especially when they are angry. Most cases of child abuse start from parents disciplining their children by spanking them, so it is of utmost importance that parents distinguish between spanking and child abuse.

The opposing side of the non-spanking group often says that a little bit of pain is necessary to teach a child what is right and wrong and it is the only way to keep a child out of trouble. However they need to know spanking may make a child stop misbehaving, but only for the moment, and that over time, children who are spanked misbehave more than children who are not spanked.

In conclusion, I feel sure that most parents love their kids and seek the best parenting for them. However, spanking is not a loving discipline, and it creates more problems in the long run such as low self-esteem, depression, violence, feeling of being unloved, and even the possibility of growing up to be spanker. Consequently, parents should refrain from using spanking as a disciplinary measure.

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