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Child and Young Person Development

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Unit aim This unit aims to develop knowledge and understanding of child and young person development and the factors, including transitions, which may affect development.

3 Understand the potential effects of transitions on children and young people’s development

3.1 Identify the transitions experienced by most children and young people:

Transition could either be a stage or an experience that can affect the behavior or development of a child or young person. Every child experience transitions at various stages of their life. Listed below are some of the transitions experience by most of the children and young people.

Having a new baby in the family. It could be own sister or brother or a cousin in case of a joint family. Mother resuming her job after a long break leaving her baby under child care. Joining a new school or admission to kindergarten or nursery at around 2 1/2 – 3 yrs. Move from one curriculum to another or from one school to other due to parents transfers etc. Grandparent visiting for few days or months to meet and spend time with them. Going out for a holiday out of town for more than 15 days.

A friend, moving to a new apartment which can leave the child feel lonely. A new pet joining the family.
Nannies or caretakers leaving their jobs or starting to spend more time with them. Joining classes or clubs especially after school.
Moving from one class to another or change of class teacher at the beginning of each year in school. Going through puberty at around the age from 11-13 for boys and 9-13 for girls. This time they have to adapt to the body changes they experience. Starting college or a new employment after completing their secondary school education.

3.2 Identify the transitions that only some children and young people may experience:

Bereavement: Death in family is something which might not be experience by every child or young person. Moving location from the current one. For example expats returning to theirhome countries or parents transferred to another country or change house or apartment especially if they have been living in the previous one for a long time. Change in family structure due to separation of parents or separation alongwith parents meeting with a new partner. Children can be given up for adoption or be brought up by foster parents ot moved to a foster care. Significant illness or medical conditions such as Type 1 Diabetes or any physical disability or any other kind of sickness. Bullying especially when children move into a new place, class, locality or new school. Child abuse is also a transition though not common but not uncommon either. This could happen within the family which is far more destructive or outside the child’s safe zone.

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