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Career Plan Building Activity: Work Culture Preferences

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The result from the Career Interests Profiler was that I was realistic, conventional, and artistic. It is interesting under the realistic list, it states “require working outside, and do not involve a lot of paperwork or working closely with others.” I do like to work outside with our animals and I do not like to work closely with others but I am involved with a lot of paperwork as an accountant. There is not a day that I do not deal with paperwork. Under conventional, it states involves “working with data and details more than with ideas,” which I like to work with numbers that are actual numbers and not made up numbers that some of my clients like to give me to work with. The artistic “requires self-expression and the work can be done without following a clear set of rules” fit me to a T. Some of my career choices was engineering technicians or logging workers, which I had looked into during high school but decided on working with numbers instead.

On the Career Competencies, my strengths was following instructions, coping with pressure, and adapting to change. I am not a leader and like it better when someone will tell me what they want done. I can step into the leader role when no one else will but I find I am not a good leader. In one of my college classes, I was picked to be a manager of an assembly line that was made up of my class mates who would be putting together a Lego Santa that I designed. They only had a short time to get a hundred Santa’s made and if they did not then my grade would be affected. I managed them like I would like to be managed, which is not how everyone else would like to be managed. I almost had one girl quite because she said I was being too forceful on them. Knowing that I am a follower in a group will help me to take on more positive roles in a group.

After completing the Work Culture Preferences, my results were supportive, well resourced, and performance focused. I like to work in a fun environment with technology that can get my work done faster and to be in a fast moving environment. I am focused on excellence and like lots of personal development and feedback. My results tell me that I like to work alone and not in big groups. That I like to have considerate management whose focus is on employee welfare. I communicate through the work that I complete. My focus on excellence and long hours put into a project show that I am committed fully until the goal is met. I am given very high work load and am able to get it all done by the set dead line. I expect to be given clear job definitions, goals and expectations. Ways that I can effectively use communication to aid in motivating others is to clearly state what I expect from them, what their job is and what the reward or consequence is if they are late with their assignments. Rewards would be lots of recognition and celebration of success.

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