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Career Interests Profiler and the Career Plan Building

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Did your personality spectrum profile and competency results surprise you? Why or why not? No. The reason why my results didn’t surprise me is, I know that I am a overbearing person who likes to take charge and make things happen. I love to follow the rules set forth, by the establishment. The other reason it did not surprise me is because I’m a soldier and statistics show, most people who played high school sports desire to be on a team. Most of the police officers, firefighters were once on a team and the team concept is what intrigues them most of all them desire this.

How can you alter your study techniques to take advantage of your particular abilities and competencies as determined by these activities? I learned that even though I prefer to follow rules when it seems like no one is around my discipline always takes over. The learning curb I have in this class, and being not-so-computer-savy, it brings about many frustrations. I realized I have to confront this head on and make the best of the positives about my competencies to be successful at everything I do. I essentially have to look at it no different from a mission given to me by the US Army. *

How can knowing your abilities and competencies from the My Career Plan help you prepare for professional environments? In my professional environment I learned thing don’t always necessarily go my way. I also, learned things that do have to be looked at in a more positive way. I sometime over overwhelm people with my “Grandiose” attitude and I sometime can’t understand why the work did not get done in a timely manner. I sometime think people are not giving full effort when they are. I sometime forget most people idea of effort is not exactly what my ideas are.

How would you approach collaborative work in the future given what you now understand about your competencies and abilities? * I would simply approach everything in a manner of me telling and ensuring people understand what my expectations are, instead of believing they know versus me explaining in full detail what to do. *

What is the relationship between your competencies identified in My Career Plan and your results on the personality spectrum profile? Entrepreneurial thinking and the Instructional, which tells me I have the ability to teach people to think and achieve the same goals, I think or have. This was an incredible showing of the apparent gift that I have and it has a lot to do what I do already in my career. Every business owner want people who are dedicated and all in. With this ability I can make things happen to achieve the goals I want to make happen in my field.

What can you do to improve on the competencies needed for your career goal? Review the competency development tips for assistance with improving competencies. Accepts and tackles demanding goals with enthusiasm; works hard and puts in longer hours when it is necessary; seeks progression to roles of increased responsibility and influence; identifies own development needs and makes use of developmental or training opportunities.

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